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I dont know about you guys, i think we should start a dod classic server...just because dod classic owns all... just my thoughts
I'd play it again, but after they switched to steam code verification(1.3ish I guess), my free copy became defunct. :((
I havent tried classic... Normally I don't play source like I hate CS:S I cant stand it, CZ and 1.6 is where its at. But I dunno I might be willing to give classic a try =P
people who have played dod:S before classic cant appreciate it, dont get me wrong the graphics in source are awesome but the gameplay itself is way better in classic, that is what most people say when they go from classic to source
yea i noticed that classics gameplay is much more tactical cuz u move slower and stuff while sources is fast paced with the running and gunning... i find source a bit more excitinig then classic tho... o and idk about a classic server cuz i dont got classic
Thats the way I am with Counter Strike, once you have played 1.6 its hard to move up to CS:S, to me its to much of a different game. I do play CZ though bcause it has a better iceworld hen 1.6 ^-^
i played classic for like 2 years then stoped for a year than picked up source, the only real differences i noticed was some of the added thingsl ike the screen shaking and going snowy when you die and you dont throw the gredade right when you jump but at the peak now, that took alittle getting used to lol. but i would deff play classic again
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