2022 Jailbreak Rebel Competition!


2022 Jailbreak Rebel Competition!


Hello, everyone! Today I am going to be announcing the signups for the 2022 Jailbreak Rebel Competition and explaining the breakdown of how things will progress throughout the challenge. To start off I'd like to give a big thank you to @nonya @Crazy Apple for the inspiration to host this as I wouldn't have essentially an outline on a good way to run this event. As stated last time, the goal of this is to determine who the top rebellers on the eGO jailbreak server are and for people to put their skills where their mouth is. Because of how many people signed up for the last event, will be accepting the first 40 applicants.

How Will This Work in Comparison to Last Time?

As stated in the previous paragraph, we will only be accepting the first 40 applications due to the popularity of this event. The Google Form for the signup sheet is going to be located at the bottom where the applicant will fill out the required information so we can sort who will be competing. And this time, instead of an all-day for a week event, we will be only counting kills during a specific two-hour time period each day for a week which is going to be during the average peak player count. Only kills during that time period will be counted and this way no one person can sit on JB all day to grind the kills while others are unable to do so. We believe this is a far more fair and accurate way to determine who is actually better compared to the rest.

Eligibility Requirements

1. You must have at least 20 hours of T playtime on eGO JB.
2. If your T to CT ratio looks like this we will likely ignore you. (Although I may be a little lenient :))
3. Must be in good standings with the community with no bans within the last 30 days.
4. Must hold at least a rank for recruit in the community and be active (=(e)= users and above).
5. All players must be MAUL registered and verified. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If you meet all these requirements and are interested in participating in the tournament please fill out the form here.


In this event, we will recognize the top rebellers from the competition and ultimately award the #1 rebeller the title of "Best JB Rebeller". I will update this with more rewards and prizes come the start of the event.

Additional Information

The event will be January 31st - February 6th and the time period for each day will be between 7pm EST - 9pm EST. That is 6pm-8pm CST, 5pm-7pm MST, and 4pm-6pm PST. We have picked this two-hour window because this is on average when most players are on. I understand this doesn't necessarily accommodate our EU players and for that, I apologize, but I still see most of you on anyways.

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Real Jail Rebels work together, that being said, best rebeller was Rogue Sniper.