2021 Recap: Thank You EdgeGamers


2021 Recap: Thank You EdgeGamers

2021, the long-awaited sequel to 2020 is both bigger and badder... both numerically and literally! While the world continues to be in shambles, the show must go on and it certainly did! From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, this community has kept up its support towards one another, from the newest of recruits to the oldest of managers. We wouldn't be where we are today without the help of all the amazing people in this community and would like to take this time to celebrate the times we were able to have together, from the darkest of nights to the brightest of days. Let's take a look back at what 2021 had to offer!

Leadership Quotes

"What's been your team's biggest achievement in the year 2021?"
@Andrew - "With the promotion of Gabe and moving myself over I think our biggest achievement was better internal documentation. + Award System + Dark Mode."

@santa - "Our biggest achievement was that we had 5 of our servers being top 25 in all of csgo and CSS"
@Left - "Hosting lots of solid and fun events for CS as well as growing our EC Team."

@Buster - "It was a very productive year, a lot has changed for the better all around. I am proud of our team for keeping our discord constantly active, friendly, and exciting"
@b t - "I think creating a massive friendly, respectful, and fun environment in a little over a year since our start in October. People sticking around and supporting the discord server sticks out for me. Not just admins, but long-time members have been around for a while."
@EDisch222 - "The biggest achievement for Overwatch is how large the discord community grew. I've personally met a bunch of new friendly faces and I'm excited to see what 2022 has in store."
@gabby - "My teams greatest achievement is probably growing our player base and keeping everything running smoothly"

@DrkChocolate - "Well we started the process in late 2020, but I think it would be taking the TF2 servers from being on the verge of being shut down because of low stats, to having all 3 stable and very reasonable stats. If ya want to see how bad it was, I have a sheet. We shut down only one server and that was one that we had just opened up. But we lost a lot of LE and players after the merger and we worked very hard to get players back and bring in new ones."

@a simple slice of bread -Destiny's biggest achievement of 2021 was reaching 500 members in our discord!

@Godzilla - "Max our server slot to 100"
@redchance - "Moving our server to a new IP, and hitting 120 players on the server at one time back in last January"

@Oblixion - "Our team's biggest achievement in the year 2021 would be our transition from being a public server to being whitelisted. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our leaders, not only did we achieve large improvements in server functions and performance, we consolidated the all-around feeling of community in GTA."

@heidi - "Media Teams biggest achievements for the year 2021 is really becoming organized with projects. Organization and revamping guides have allowed us to find specific goals we want to reach monthly. We started 3 new Media Team projects, being the Supported Game Rundowns, Game Overviews, and Themed Art Articles. We had many new Leadership members join our team, which has helped us speed up the progress of our goals."
@webby - "Media Team has struggled in terms of building a self-sustainable environment from a Leadership standpoint, as well as retaining members for the different departments within it. This year, we have done a GREAT job at retaining our members, and making sure there are things to do. Adding new, creative articles definitely helped. Also, revamping the socials & rebuilding the art department was a big success this past year!"

@Architect of Life - "The rollout of a new team dynamic which includes our efforts in both events and in our newer program of member relations"
@Grumpy Kitten - "Member Services biggest achievement this year was finally getting rid of Andrew ;)"

Community Quotes

What was your favorite event to attend and or host in 2021?
QuickiexD (CSGO) - My favorite event was easily the 5v5 tournament despite how scuffed it turned out. I may be biased compared to others because I ended up subbing in and being on the winning team but it was so much fun to play with friends and was an incredible experience.

Grumpy Kitten (MS) - 48-hour event!

Left (CSGO) - Member Services Risk of Rain events

heidi (MT) - 48 HOUR EVENT! Especially the one I hosted w/ webby

EDisch222 (OW) - Beat the Leadership Pugs

DDZ ZioNeX (CSGO) - 5v5 csgo tourny

Choorda (CSGO) - Golf with friends during the 48-hour event

Karma (MS) - The 2v2 duos csgo event where you and I had a great time gaming and just vibing and kicking booty!

Wing (OW) - favorite event was pugs in overwatch

Goosesk (MC) - Definitely horse race hosted by Big_A_0501 or Lightbearers host by a variety of people, both are very fun events and have had amazing hosts.

TehRaddish (MS) - Crab game. With the ingame proximity voicechat, and sillyness of the game overall; it leads to a blast to host, as well as attend. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) at its finest. 10/10

gabby (OW) - my favorite event to attend is mini hide and seek or among us nights

webby (MT) - My favorite events are the meetings. Especially when Larry talks. That guy is hype. Also the word bomb game I hosted with heidi during the 48-hour was fun ~

What was the greatest gift EdgeGamers gave you in 2021?
Skle (CSGO) - Meeting a ton of cool new people!

Left (CSGO)- Greatest gift is the friends Ive made

EDisch222 (OW) - Friends to hangout with

DDZ ZioNeX (CSGO) - letting me be in a position to help csgo out

Choorda (CSGO) - Many amazing friendships <3

Karma (MS) - A great sense of belong, and a bunch of wonderful friends, a purpose to change things for the better for the community and all new members who join eGO.

Grumpy Kitten (MS) - An amazon gift card

Wing (OW) - getting my O

Jayy (CSGO) - Genuine fun with strangers

BT (OW) - The greatest gift EdgeGamers gave me was the opportunity to grow my personal brand as a content creator. Being able to have a network of gamers is really valuable and I am very thankful for that opportunity.

Goosesk (MC) - The relaxation and get away that the servers gave from life

TehRaddish (MS) - The greatest gift edgegamers gave me was an outlet; to expand myself on many fronts. From the opportunity of different teams, and supported games, there is almost endless things one can push themselves to learn, grow in, and make new friends with.

heidi (MT) - EdgeGamers gave me some of the most important people in my life. I am very grateful for all of the experiences I've been able to have thanks to the community. <3

gabby (OW) - The greatest gift is my amazing friendships!!

What was your favorite memory on the eGO servers in 2021?
e30 Fluxx (CSGO) - Some late night chats with some great community members!

Grumpy Kitten (MS) - Late night hours on TTT

HyperPenguin (MS) - Kuantum getting banned

Kuantum (MS) - when i got banned

Psych (CSGO) - Jailbreak > TTT. Akatsuki Gang IS THE BEST!

EDisch222 (OW) - Losing every Overwatch competitive match with friends

DDZ ZioNeX (CSGO) - anything that happens in jailbreak is always so memorable

Choorda (CSGO) - The Christmas Sing Along Custom Day I did

Karma (MS) - I don't have a specific memory, but when I am on the servers making the day more enjoyable with my quirky personality and antics, all while keeping things fun and rule breaker free for everyone, whenever I am able to help someone on the server that always is a good memory.

Wing (OW) - meeting and having all the friends i have today

Jayy (CSGO) - Late Night TTT

Goosesk (MC) - A mix of all the events that were hosted, in particular the 48 hour event

BT (OW) - My favorite memory on the eGO servers is this video here. I RPed that I was drowning so I gargled water, and my friend, who was also RPing that he was drowning, could not stop laughing. I spilled water all over my chest and our laughs made it so funny and stupid.

TehRaddish (MS) - My favorite memory was the end of 2021, when the MS lead the 48hour event. During which there was a moment towards the end of the event in the weee hours of the morning. It was just a collection of gamers, hanging out, shooting the breeze. Just because we had a common interest, and used it to make new friends. That's pretty darn cool.

gabby (OW) - my favorite memory has to be getting manager. I was with Wish and Star and Buster and we all did a mustoreo together on call with a bunch of other LE

In 2021, the Leadership Team said "Hello!" to the following individuals!


Member Services:
Grumpy Kitten
I cant carry

Grand Theft Auto (FiveM):
Jimothy Buckerton

Counter Strike:

Destiny 2:
a simple slice of bread


b t

If we missed you, please let a member of Media LE know so we can add you in!

"Goodbye's :("
The Leadership Team also said "Goodbye :(" to the following individuals


Member Services:


Media Team:

Grand Theft Auto (FiveM):
Panda Express

Counter Strike:
Custom Stats
Peloc (dys)
Peoples People

Team Fortress 2:

Major Trubble

Destiny 2:


If we said goodbye to you in 2021 and you don't see yourself, please let a member of Media LE know & we'll add you!

Important Threads!!!
~~~Take a look back at important threads from 2021~~~


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2/13/21 EdgeGamers x HeLLsGamers CS Minigame Event
2/20/21 EdgeGamers Chess Tournament
2/27/21 Overwatch Semi-Finals
2/28/21 Overwatch Open Champions


3/1/21 Member Relations First Meeting
3/6/21 Stream Team Starts
3/9/21 1 Year of Rust
3/10/21 Overwatch Introduces WISP Contenders Team


4/5/21 CS AWP 24/7 Server Release
4/6/21 Stream Team Roster
4/21/21 Rust Discord
4/25/21 Clan Wide Updates


5/19/21 Clan Wide Meeting
5/26/21 CS KZ Server Release


6/11/21 Community Spotlight Winner
6/15/21 Overwatch 2v2 Tournament


7/1/21 EdgeGamers 15 Year Anniversary


8/18/21 Awards Come Back to Forums


9/7/21 Admin Guidelines Update
9/14/21 EdgeGamers Forums Added Dark Mode


10/2/21 1 Year of Overwatch
10/7/21 September Member Community Spotlight
10/7/21 September LE Community Spotlight
10/7/21 EdgeGamers Introduces Genshin Impact
10/21/21 Thanking Arbiter
10/26/21 Emergency Community Meeting
10/31/21 DOO and CMMGR Promotions


11/2/21 CS:GO 5v5 Tournament
11/10/21 Battlefield Discord
11/26/21 Thanking CustomStats


12/27/21 MS 48 Hour Event

Thank you, EdgeGamers!
Thank you to everyone who helped work on this~ shoutout to the 2R-MP Discord 100 emoji fire emoji

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Awesome post. Itโ€™s amazing to realize progress, changes, and additions to the community over the year. I look forward to see what happens in the next one!


Has truly been a great year, glad I found this community filled with great people. But my shout-out goes to the one and only boomer of the CSGO community @Daddy Succ , he might be a boomer but hes a good boomer.

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Simply Simplistic
Was so great to work with this team again for the second year in a row, love you all 2R-MP GANG GANG