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please only post here if you can help me.

ok ive been making dod maps on source sdk for a while now but i want to make css maps also. at the bottom of souce sdk it says current game and i want to make it css so i can make css maps but it will only let me make dod maps.
i need help making it so i can make css maps.
go to < uber map site, i use it for all my mapping, texturing, and w/e else i need help with

basiclly you have to create a cfg file for sdk in hammer under tools > options > game config > configuration > edit > add > CSS > follow set up like DoD S but put CSS where DoD S is.

I can get u pictures if you need (realize above's a lil confusing)
well i followed your directions and got to the place where you write css and i typed it out but i hit ok and apply then it says the changes wont apply untill next time i run hammer so i exited it then opened hammer again and it still didnt work:(
any ideas?
just open up ms paint press the Print Screen button on the keyboard and paste into ms paint
save image and upload at that way i can see what you put and what the settings are

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