Thank You Larry_The_Lobster


Thank You Larry_The_Lobster

Larry has been a part of the community since 2015 where he started as a notorious Mass RDM'er on TTT, but was able to put that behind him once he bought VIP and could voteban anyone who tried to get him banned. From that, he was able to work his way up to a Senior Manager position within Counter-Strike where he played a major part in server development and the general direction of the game. Through his dedication, CS has been able to strive, and more specficially BHOP which failed to get much attention before his efforts, but he was able to turn the server into a top 15 server globally. Larry is the type of person to never run away from a problem and is always one of the first people to step in whether that is behind the scenes or in the mix. Working with Larry is nothing short of an honor, and due to his constant efforts towards the betterment of the community and our servers, I am proud to award him with the Distinguished Service award.


Unfortunately with all of that being said, Larry has decided to step down from his position as Senior Manager. Larry has been a driving force in this community when it comes to training new admins, making sure our servers are running properly, or making sure new managers are doing their very best. Larry has put in an immense amount of time into this community and we are all hoping that he continues to display this excellence in real life and on our servers. Thank you @Larry_Da_Lobster for everything you have done for the CS community.

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Another one bites the dust?!
Sad to see you go Larry, I wish you the best on all your future gaming adventures. Happy Gaming!


nah bro, yall should stop resigning, YOU WANT NONYA TO BE IN CONTROL????, hell nah bro. thanks for helping out with my ttt map. gl