Distinguished Service Awards!!!


Distinguished Service Awards!

There are many people that contribute greatly to the progression & success of EdgeGamers, but some rise above the expectations and put in the extra effort to make sure the community is the best that it can be. Tonight, we will be appreciating 4 individuals for the amount of work that they do for the community, and for the sweat that they put into making EdgeGamers an amazing place for all.

Please join me in congratulating & appreciating the following individuals.
~ They will all be receiving the award for "Distinguished Service" ~

"aidan has been a part of EdgeGamers going back all the way to 2018. Throughout his years in the community, he has always been eager to do his part and helped bring growth to all of our games. Spending over a year in Member Services, he dedicated much of his time to spreading positivity and brought all of his efforts to drive the success of both our community and our members. In 2021, he made the transition to GTA where he hoped to explore new opportunities and help drive new energy and improvements to our Recruitment Coordinators team. His reliability and leadership helped grow the FiveM server and set the table for what GTA is known as today. We quickly realized that aidan belonged in a Senior Leadership position where he’s been contributing to new initiatives and plays a large role in both the leadership team and the server. I am honored to bestow aidan with the Distinguished Services Award. Thank you for everything you do for this community." - Oblixion

@Architect of Life
"Throughout his many years within EdgeGamers and PrestigeGaming, Architect has proven to be an extremely vital and useful leader within the community. He has helped build and structure a multitude of things within the community proving himself to be a vital asset to EdgeGamers. While doing all of this, he has simultaneously juggled and balanced his real-life while ensuring daily operations are run properly. I am extremely pleased and honored to bestow Architect with the Distinguished Service Medal. Thank you for all your time and dedication put into the community." - Divine

"Throughout his time here with EdgeGamers Edisch has done a lot to help the community, the second he joined Overwatch and moved his way up to a leadership position he has been a driving force in the success of our game. Edisch is one of the most hard-working and level-headed people I have met, from running EC to a Senior Manager position he never lets a problem go unsolved. With this being said I am honored to bestow edisch with the Distinguished Service Award.
Thank you for your commitment to the community across the board." - Star

"If not for heidi, Media Team would not be near where it is today. The amount of growth that the team has seen with heidi leading the charge has been exponential, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Since heidi's promotion to Manager in September of 2020, heidi has been nothing but a joy to work with, and to boss around (teehee). Reviving the Socials Department, and breathing life into the Art Department, all the while helping wherever she could around not only Media, but the community, truly shows how much work this individual is willing to put in. It's with great honour that I bestow heidi with the Distinguished Service Award.
Thank you for everything you've done, and continue to do." - webby



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