Member Services Announcements!


Member Services Announcements!

New Leaders Within Member Services!

The Member Services team would like to announce two more additions to the leadership roster. These individuals have shown great interest and willingness to help within the community. It is with great pleasure that we announce @Karma and @TehRaddish's promotion to Manager. They have been a leading force within the Member Relations team in the restructuring process. We are proud to have them stand alongside the team in pursuing a better community. We thank you both for your passion and commitment. Karma and TehRaddish will join Member Services Leadership in managing the Member Relations team, in addition to taking a supporting role dealing with the application system.

Member Services (MS) would like to formally announce a new initiative within MS and its overall new direction within the community. We introduce to you, the Member Services Community Outreach Team! (COT)

With this new team comes a new opportunity for the admins of EdgeGamers, and eGO as a whole. For a community to truly thrive and exceed all expectations, it relies on the recruitment and retainment of quality members. The Community Outreach Team will primarily focus on these two things, as well as being the forefront of community engagement within eGO. Through interacting within all aspects of the community, members of the Community Outreach Team will be the welcoming face and presence of not only MS, but EdgeGamers as a whole. Working with EC and RC teams across the community, the Community Outreach Team will capitalize on all things possible within the common goals of recruitment and retention, driving the community to a brighter future. The COT will use a number of initiatives and exciting engagement methods to pave a way to a bigger, better, and stronger eGO.

The Community Outreach Team will be Introducing:

Exciting new and special events, engaging charity drives, competitions of various kinds, better advertisement for the community as a whole, and many more things to come!

Community Outreach Team Structure:

Leading the Community Outreach Team will be @b t, transferring from Overwatch to Member Services as Senior Manager.

Leading the effort of Recruitment on the Community Outreach Team: TehRaddish

Leading the effort of Retention on the Community Outreach Team: I cant carry

In tandem with these leaders are the Community Outreach Admins or the front-line presence of the Community Outreach Team in all aspects of the community. @I cant carry will be heading the charge of the common goals of retention, while @TehRaddish will be heading the charge of the common goals of recruitment. The Community Outreach Admins should be the face of EdgeGamers. Embodying the values and standards that eGO requires, they are the first ones that promote the community within and outside of EdgeGamers. On top of this, they actively engage and execute methods of retainment to keep valued members in our community. Through brainstorming and suggesting ideas, the COAs will gather general knowledge within eGO to better assess where we may better ourselves in keeping members. Finally, Community Outreach Admins bring information to scheduled meetings.

Applications, and info for this position are available in eG discussion all admins are welcome to apply. With this team being a new effort in EdgeGamers, the Community Outreach Team will be holding an open forum meeting for the community to come ask any questions you may have about our role going forward! This meeting will be held on Friday, February 11th, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST (7:00 CST | 6:00 MDT | 5:00 PST | 01:00 AM GMT) and is subject to change. The meeting will be on DISCORD. ( It will be in the Voice Channel labeled Community Outreach Team Meeting. We thank you for your continued interest in EdgeGamers and look forward to seeing you all there!

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