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Community Outreach Member
Application Status: OPEN

What is Community Outreach

A Member Services team, Community Outreach is an action arm that is focused on the community at large. We are an initiative that provides an atmosphere for team members to reach their fullest potential within EdgeGamers. Whether that is to assist the team member in improving and growing their already given talents, or to find and grow new ones. We provide this atmosphere by focusing on the three pillars that support eGO at large: Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention. Community Outreach strives to provide each one of these pillars the utmost care to help the community members, specialty teams, Leadership teams, and community at large reach their fullest potential.

----For those looking for a more in depth writeup with more details about COT, see here----

What is a Community Outreach Member (COM)?

Team Members are the core of Community Outreach. They are individuals who are looking for “more” within EdgeGamers, and ultimately looking to assist in propelling those around them in reaching heights not possible or known before. A benefit of this is the cohesion of this team, and the ability to surround yourself with like minded people who also share the joy of working through challenges and thinking outside the box. Coming together and accomplishing something only possible from a collection of talented individuals. In tandem with that, it is a wonderful environment to learn new skills, and refine current held talents.

They will be encouraged to explore in making and developing close relationships, thinking outside the box, and seeking opportunities in bringing new members into our community. All the while, actively being an integral part of the “think tank” of Community Outreach at large. The team members are people within the community (new or old) who embody the values EdgeGamers has long established, and to be the catalyst for inspiration for all new members within our community, providing a truly welcoming, engaging, and fun experience for all.

What will be Expected of you?
  • Recruit new members.
  • Interact with new, existing, and old members.
  • Advertise in discords.
  • Direct message, and capitalize on prospective e-tags.
  • Participate in the cohesion and collaboration with other games' specialty teams.
  • Brainstorm and be a part of open discussions with the team.
  • Gather member feedback through casual engagements
  • Be a catalyst for the environment around them in a positive and fun manner

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible to apply for a COM position, you must be:
  • An =(e)= in EdgeGamers. If found to be the individual that our team needs, after your acceptance into Community Outreach, you will need to be active within the team, and those found being a positive addition to the team will be given the opportunity to prove so, and be in a spot for promotion to admin.
In addition to the eligibility requirements outlined below, there are other requirements into your acceptance as an =(e)=. It may be more difficult to be accepted as an =(e)=. The requirements are below:
  1. Must not have any bans in past month.
  2. Must express a clear motivation for joining - what/how can they contribute?
  • Be a sociable person
  • Have a microphone
  • Be active within the community
  • Active on Discord

    Answer the below questions in a forum or discord pm and send it to either TehRaddish (TehRaddish#2468) or
    Martin (MartinDD#6969)
    Forum Username:
    Time zone:
    Approximate spare time within any given week:

    Eligibility Questions
    Do you have a microphone? (Yes / No)
    Are you active on Discord? (Yes / No)
    Are you active on our game servers? (Yes / No)
    Are you comfortable interacting with new people? (Yes / No)
    Are you confident in growing your inner circle with new and old members of the community? (Yes / No)
    Are you passionate about the idea of discussions within a team? (Yes / No)
    Are you willing to advertise the community through various methods? (Yes / No)

    Personal Statement (Tell us why you would like this position; what interests you in this position; how you think you will be able to help; and any other comments you wish to include)

    Please contact TehRaddish, and/or Martin with any questions, comments, concerns, or if you wish to withdraw your application.

    What's Next?
    Once you have sent your application, you will be contacted for an interview and then updated with the final decision at a later date.
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