FiveM FiveM - ego whitelisted fivem rp - Carbine Rifle has infinite range


What application are you reporting this issue on?

What server is this happening on?
ego whitelisted fivem rp

Short description of the bug.
Carbine Rifle has infinite range

Description of the bug.
Carbine rifle has pretty much-unlimited range, shoots further than players render distance

What should be happening instead?
Should have limited range like every other weapon on the server

Describe how to replicate the bug.
/giveitem (id) WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE 1 (i think?), /giveitem 556box 1, shoot at someone outside your render distance and youll still hit them

Extra info? weapon is already insanely powerful, and this just makes it unbeliavably one sided as all other weapons on the server have severely limited range.
last time we talked about it i believe it was said that the infinite range was unintentional.

obviously low priority but should still be changed to a more balanced and realistic amount
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This has been forwarded to the dev team, thanks for making this report!