Announcement Let’s give some thanks!


Poster Extraordinaire
Diamond Commendation

Three Players who had been nothing but tremendous help!​

@sopheyy - From the time sopheyy has returned to eGO she has been a major help. From helping the Admin Trainer team in training new admins, answering questions that may arise from the admins, and helping keep the servers free from rule-breakers. she has been a driving force. She even joined the Server specialist team to where she become Lead specialist and has helped solve map issues, maintained the SS team, and helped in any way she can to make sure that our servers are in top shape. She has been a role model for a what an admin should be. She is someone who is always ready to go out of her way to help someone in need. We would like to congratulate sopheyy for her Excellence and dedication to our servers by giving her the Diamond Commendation.

@santa - From the time Santa joined eGO to now he has been nothing but a major help to the CS Leadership team. He is among the best that CS has to offer and has been a tremendous influence to help make the server not only better but also enjoyable. From his first-time joining EC and hosting events to then being promoted to manager and help fix plugins that were broken in the event server he has showed his dedication and proved to us that he is indeed the man to be in charge and help run the community. He works tirelessly to make sure that all players and admins are having fun and if any issues come up that they are fixed immediately. We would like to congratulate him with this prestigious award as he has truly earned it.

@DDZ ZioNeX - DDZ has been a member of eGO for almost 4 years and his impact on the servers has been shown over the years. He mainly plays Jailbreak and TTT but when he isn't on the servers he is usually out crashing one of his many cars. His contribution to the leadership team is unbelievable as he has ran the AT team as a manager and been a non stop workhorse when it comes ban contests and ban reports. Please join me in thanking and congratulating DDZ on receiving the Diamond Commendation Award.

Please join us in congratulating all of these amazing people for all the hard work and dedication they put in to the community!
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