[Signups open!] EdgeGamers Mafia Episode 1: The Red Barbeque

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Come Join us for the first ever EGO Mafia game!


What is Mafia?

Mafia is a text-based version of popular games like Amogus and Town of Salem, where EGO members (villagers) have to find and ban the Punks (killers) before they overwhelm EGO. The game can last between 1-3 weeks depending on how many people sign up and how sly the punks are. What makes this game unique to the others is that it will be entirely personalized to our community! The setting will be EGO-themed, and every players death and action will be related to the games they play and their own individual personalities.

How To Play
The game will be played in a text channel on the main discord. The rules of the game are simple; everyone receives a role at the start of the game; villager, killer, detective or doctor. Every morning the channel is unlocked, a death is revealed and everyone debates and votes on who they believe was one of the killers. At the end of the day, the person with the most votes is killed, their role is revealed and the thread is locked to begin the night phase. During the night phase villagers cannot communicate, Killers decide their next target, the doctor choses one person to protect from being killed and the detective investigates one player to try and find the killers. Day starts at 11AM EST and Night starts at 11PM EST. This cycle repeats every day with a few surprises here and there until one team comes out on top!

Episode 1: The Red Barbeque

"It is time at last for the second annual EdgeGamers barbeque hosted by one of the executives! Gamers from all around the world gathered in a suburban backyard for what they expected to be a fun weekend meeting the many friends they made online, however things quickly turn sour when they learn that punks have infiltrated the event, and plan on wreaking havoc... Can the members of EGO come together to defeat the punks, or will the punks successfully overwhelm the community?

Sign up Here!

To be added to the roster, simply comment "I'm Interested" on this thread and add your discord ID so I can add you, or add me @CelDamage#8576!
This game will be considered a "trial run" so future episodes can be improved upon, but there is no limit to how many people can play!

Signups will end on Wednesday at 6PM EST, and the game will start the following day at 11AM EST.

Good Luck surviving this deadly EGO reunion...

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