Distinguished Service; Congratulations!


Distinguished Service; Congratulations!

With the Discord overhaul, there MUST be individuals who are recognized and awarded for their efforts. Today, we spotlight two members of Leadership who went above and beyond their responsibilities to assist in the giant project that was the Discord Overhaul.

@b t
b t has been doing outstanding work ever since he rose to a Manager position within Overwatch. He has paved the way for our Community Outreach team and has encouraged dozens of members to pitch in and help. Prior to the overhaul, b t spent countless hours working to ensure the Discord would be an active and enjoyable place for all of our members. He is a happy welcoming face in our community who works hard and embraces challenges with open arms. If you ever need help, b t is there. He is one of the most reliable and hard-working gamers I have had the pleasure to meet. Thank you B t.

Buster rose to a call for action on the technical side of the Discord overhaul project. He has poured hours of his time into setting up bots, features, bug fixes, and more. He voluntarily worked odd hours around his work schedule to help ensure the success of the Discord overhaul. Without Buster's assistance and guidance the Discord wouldn't be half of what it is today. Buster may not be a face you see around very often but he has left a footprint in nearly every corner of the community. Whether he is aiding with Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, Genshin, or the main Discord Buster is always a helping hand who is happy to give his all to see EdgeGamers grow. The Discord overhaul wouldn't have even been possible if it weren't for him. Thank you Buster.



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