EdgeGamers Mafia Round 1 Recap and Feedback!

I'm going to try and keep it short, but this was one of the most fun events I've played on EdgeGamers so thanks for that @CelDamage .

Some things I loved :

- New part of story every day, which I was looking out for every day lol. Really enjoyed the personal stories that fit their character/persona.

- Meeting new people that I hadn't seen before from other servers/games.

Things for improvement :

- Like others already said some rule for a bit more activity, ofcourse you don't have to be active every hour of the game. Just make sure people send a message every day or every other day so there is reason to vote. Being afk/not chatting while having an important role is a bit meh.

- I also like to see more roles. They don't HAVE to be revealed from the start but just so everyone has something to do and be of some value to their team lol. It could also be an option to start people on villager like this game, but instead make it so they get a role later on (if they survive the nights ofcourse). Maybe a role that is needed at that stage of the game (as in if early on 3 out of 4 mafia members have died, you could make it that 1 villager turns out to be the mob boss with some special skill to balance the game again).

Favorite moments:

-Me talking to ghost's.

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The loving relationship between the Bob's

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@sopheyy being done with all the idiots within 2 hours of the event starting.

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And last but not least. @sopheyy (as Detective) making sure we DO NOT vote out @DDZ ZioNeX, calling @CTmain a troll AND THEN it turning out that DDZ was a mafia member all along was a nice way of showing how a 650 hour Town of Salem player really plays this game!!!

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First and foremost thank you @CelDamage for hosting with the great storytelling ;) It was a great event <3