Member Services Rundown!


Member Services Rundown! - March 16th, 2022

This month for our Support Game Rundown, we will be going over Member Services! This rundown will give updates and changes member services have had in the past few months. This will include announcements, events, promotions, upcoming events, leadership interviews, and other important threads. Make sure to give some love to the MS Team for all they do!


Member Services Updates:
Karma And TehRaddish were announced as the newest addition to the management team for Member Services.
A new initiative within Member Services named the "Member Services Community Outreach Team"
Applications were opened for eG+ admins.
b t transferring from Overwatch to Member Services as Senior Manager.

Community Outreach Team Structure:
b t as leader of Outreach Team
TehRaddish as the lead effort of recruitment
I cant carry as the lead effort of member retention


Divine Divine
What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?
For long-term goals, we are looking to expand Member Services outside of processing applications and are looking to expand our team even further than it already is!

Are there any large events your team is planning?
We will be hosting a "March Madness" event in the coming future.

Anything at all you would like to add?
Nothing really to add, just want people to know if they have any concerns or questions about anything feel free to reach out to the Member Services team and we will be more than willing to help! Thank you for your time reading this.

@Architect of Life
What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?
Staffing Member Relations and Community Outreach programs with engaged and motivated members, doubling both in size from their current numbers. Revise and delegate Trello responsibilities to Member Relations team members. We want to do this in order to make the system less effort for each individual team member.

Are there any large events your team is planning?
80 general events within the year. With some fun tie-in events over the summer!

Anything at all you would like to add?
Member Services will host server drives and incorporate them in larger-scale efforts as we move towards summer.

b t b t
What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?
With Member Services, I am still transferring into my new role, so I am not the best at explaining our long-term goals. Our mission statement is “Member Services is the forefront of the community, tasked with instituting a high level of community engagement and aiding in ensuring a positive experience for those within the community." The goals are to continue doing what we already do with applications while also creating engagement and the betterment of the community through COT, MR, and the Event Coordinator Team.

Are there any large events your team is planning?
Currently, I am unsure. Again, this is mostly due to unfamiliarity. However, I believe COT and the Events Team will work in tandem on some more community-wide charity drives, competitions, and other things.

Anything at all you would like to add?
We are still looking for COT Admins. Please APPLY HERE if you want to be a part of a fantastic and growing team. Also, feel free to reach out with any questions about the team!

@Grumpy Kitten
What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?
As we progress through the year we will be expanding our relationship with not only the other EC teams but the newly announced Community Outreach Team. We are working on multiple projects to progress retention through multiple incentives programs and awards. As it stands we have been hosting regular events at least once every other day, however, these events have started to become repetitive so we are hoping to slowly expand our collection of events this year.

Are there any large events your team is planning?
Currently, there are no large events in the works, but ideas are beginning to surface. We will be looking at expanding the number of major events Member Services hosts (at least one bi-monthly). Cross-community connection is something I have thought about for a while, so we will hopefully have a global event sometime this year in hopes of bridging new connections with those outside of EdgeGamers in their own communities.

TehRaddish TehRaddish
What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?
Member Services in the near future is hoping to expand its footprint beyond what is perceived by most atm, where it's seen to mostly handle applications, and hold events in a general fashion. Although we do these things, we are hoping to expand that reach, and raise our overall connection with the player base of eGO. This being done with the Member Relations team consistently growing their relationship with the community, as well as the new Community outreach team increasing overall engagement, recruitment, and retention. Through working with respective EC and RC teams to better achieve a litany of goals. Also instilling that friendly guarantee that MS is your stop if any help is ever needed, no matter what it is. Finally bigger events; that involves the whole of the community and cross a variety of genres. More details to come!

Are there any large events your team is planning?
Currently, our team is hosting a March madness event, with cash prizes! Sign-ups are open to anyone, and today is bracket sign-up day! More info can be FOUND HERE

Anything at all you would like to add?
Both the Community Outreach Team and Member Relations Team are accepting applications! If you are sociable and want to have a vital impact on the community, and are at least eG level admin for COT, or an eGO level admin for MR, please apply!

Both teams have exciting things in the works and will be announced fairly soon, so if you want to be involved check us out! You can find more info on
COT here -> and on MR here


Member Relations Public Meetings
Member Relations held two meetings, one for the general public and another for specifically GTA

Valentine's Day Member Services Awards
February 14th is the time to show some love, and what better way to do so than to hand out awards to some deserving members of Member Services

Member Services Announcements
Member Services made a post with quite the few announcements! This includes the promotion of Karma, TehRaddish, as well as the introduction of the Community Outreach Team (COT)

Member Relations Counter-Strike Public Meeting
Member Relations held a public meeting tailored towards Counter-Strike

Poker Night in Discord
As a wise man once said: "It's Poker. At night. In Discord."

Member Relations Public Meeting
Member Relations held another public meeting, this one tailored to the entire community!

48 Hour Event 2021
Member Services held its annual 48 hour event, with various games, activities and holiday fun!

Christmas Eve Movie Night
What better way to chill during the holidays than to watch some movies! Hope you got your hot cocoa ready.


Mindnight - 3/16/22 10:00 PM EST

Gartic Phone - 3/18/22 8:00 PM EST

Valorant - 3/26/22 9:00 PM EST

Golf with your Friends - 3/27/22 10:00 PM EST

What eGO supported game/team would you like us to highlight next?
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