New Media Community Manager [ :B ]


New Media Community Manager

@heidi has been a hard-working, motivated, and passionate individual in EdgeGamers ever since the Prestige Gaming merger. Known as the community resident surfer, heidi can be found getting 4k's as Onryo on DBD or creating artwork for EVERYWHERE in the community!

Joining the ranks of Leadership in September of 2020, heidi helped single-handedly revive the socials department and get the show on the road. heidi also helped out on the art side of things; eventually moving her efforts over to the art department! After bringing in a bunch of new faces into the art department, heidi was then offered a position as a Sr. Manager in April of 2021!

Ever since, heidi has shown nothing but growth, improvement, and a passion to do more for the community as a whole. Due to everything that heidi has added to the community for the better, the Community Management Team is more than happy to offer her a seat at the CM Table.

Please put your haaaaaaaaaaannndddddsssss toggeeeetttthhhheeeeerrr fooooorrrr yoooouuurrrr nnneeeewwweeeesssttttt CCCCCCCCMMMMMMMM,

@heidi !

heidi will be focusing her efforts on the internal affairs of Media, making sure that everything is running smoothly, and looking for new and effective ways to improve the efficiency within the Media Department. Due to the additional Media CM, @webby will focus on external affairs, looking at places where Media can expand to.

Artist: @december | Writer: @webby

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