Socials + Content Team Recruitment! [MT]


Socials + Content Team Recruitment!

Ever thought of yourself as a... creative warlord? Memer? Social savvy? Maybe you just want to help out a little more within EdgeGamers...

Join Media Team! Socials are always looking for new people to assist in posting server ads, cool clips, or some funny images that the kids call memes! Are you hunting for every award on the forums? Well... can't do that without the Media Awards!

~ We are currently looking for people willing to take the initiative ~

[Facebook is lonely!]

Currently open are... every platform!
Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

To apply for "Socials", you can either CLICK HERE or go to THIS THREAD to read more!


Content Team is also recruiting!

What is Content Team?
Content Team is dedicated to gathering clips around the community and utilizing them in specific video concepts!
If you've ever wanted to spearhead your own YouTube video(s), this is the team to join.

Specifically, Content Team is;
Tasked with collecting/recording content for our YouTube channel.
You also have the possibility of being the main focus for different series' on our YouTube.

To apply for "Content Team", you can either CLICK HERE or go to THIS THREAD to read more!

[Please note that you must be an =(e)= or higher, have good standing in the community, and remain as "Active" in MAUL to apply for any department]
[Extra rules/requirements are stated on
THIS THREAD. Please read thoroughly before applying.]

Artist: @heidi | Writer: @webby

Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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Mindless Self Indulgence
Media Team has been killin it, :B and we wanna get more of you involved! We are open to ideas, series, etc, and are just looking for some more creative individuals to take the initiative. :)


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Yall better join Media Team, its legit Poggers, ran by some cool gigchads, and they allow you to express your creative freedom, was the best decision when i joined almost 3 years ago!