Introducing EdgeGamers TikTok!


EdgeGamers TikTok Announcement | March 28th, 2022

Good evening everyone! On behalf of Media Team, I have a very special announcement.

Today we are launching the official EdgeGamers TikTok page!

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EdgeGamers TikTok will post a variety of content; from memes, gameplay highlights, server showcases, to advertisements, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Yes… YOU. How can you do that? Well, we have a few different options that you can take!

Community Submissions
We want the community to be deeply rooted in the content that TikTok puts out. This is a place where you can show off your funny moments on Rust, or your ace in CS:GO. This will be a great opportunity to showcase your clips to a wider audience. Credit will be given to you in the caption of the post. Please click the spoiler below to view the requirements, and if you wish to submit clips now, you can do so by going to the link below.

-Videos must be no longer than 45 seconds (slightly longer is fine)
-Videos must not contain excessive swearing
-Videos must be of good quality and framerate (720p and 30fps at a minimum)

^^You may submit any type of video clips with this link!^^

TikTok Team
We are opening applications to be a part of the TikTok Team! Our current positions include Video Editor and Content Team member.​
  • Video Editor is pretty self-explanatory, you edit content and make it presentable for TikTok.​
  • Content Team members, however, are individuals responsible for submitting videos on a regular basis, coming up with new post ideas, recording special videos, and more. Essentially, if you are on the TikTok team, you have much more of a say in what goes up on the page, and how it is run!​

So what are you waiting for? Click if you’d like to be a part of the EdgeGamers TikTok Team, submit an application!

Click TikTok Team when applying!

Artist: @heidi | Writer: @Jynx

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Play more 2Fort.
Excited to see the new chapter in eGO's journey. :)

Great work to those involved!