FiveM Junior Staff Promotions 4/10/22


đź—˝ Concrete jungle where dreams are made ofđź—˝

Writing: @D3FaulT | Art: @leto

As we are coming out of one of the largest server updates we have had, the leadership team wanted to take some time to promote some well-deserving members to the Junior Staff team and continue to expand the team. These new Junior Staff members have gone above and beyond in their dedication, work, and effort into not only helping to improve and maintain the server but to being a shining light and a great community member in and around the FiveM server.

@JamieP also known as the one and only Corporal Baljeet Kumar, is one of our members joining the Junior Staff team today. @JamieP, known for his great roleplay has been an excellent help to the community. Through the many discord conversations, he engages in with members or through his assistance in helping aidan with working on critical gun balance updates and changes @JamieP is always engaging with the community and the server as a whole.

@FluffyPuffyNut also known as always entertaining Sophie Bu, is another member joining the Junior Staff team today. @FluffyPuffyNut has been with this community for about 6 months now and has consistently been in and around our server and discord, both roleplaying and engaging in conversations in the discord. @FluffyPuffyNut has also done a ton of amazing work as one of our Beta Testers and is always around, even if the hours are rough for him to help test and find bugs for the server.

@Bogurt also known as RogueYeti and his longtime RP character Larry Jiggins, is our final member joining the Junior Staff team today. @Bogurt has been a consistent presence in and around the community and server since late 2019. @Bogurt has served in many major RP roles, such as CEO of PDM, Chief of the LSPD, and more! He has been around to help go through our server applications as a Recruitment Team member and is one of the first people new members interact with.

The Leadership team is glad to have these new members be rewarded with a well-deserved promotion and is glad to have them join the staff team, providing us with a ton of new perspectives and talent. Make sure you congratulate these members on this promotion!

Lastly, remember to vote for our server on TrackyServer with this hyperlink to help support the server!

~The Leadership Team