EdgeGamers Leadership Roster

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Community Manager

Community Leadership Roster

EdgeGamers utilizes a ranking hierarchy to effectively administrative our multitude of servers, programs, and events, and ensure the community runs without a hitch. With the contributions and volunteered efforts of the individuals below, EdgeGamers continues to thrive and advance.


Our Community Management team works to move the community forward by focusing on key areas of responsibility and projects. This body of people drives growth and advancement community-wide while our specific teams operate the day-to-day within our various supported games and teams.

The Executive Team consists of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. Collectively, the CIO, COO, and CEO drive the direction of the community and ensure the proper individuals are staffed on the Community Management team to ensure the continued growth of EdgeGamers. These individuals hold the highest seat in the community and provide final judgment on policy and change.
Legend Legend , Chief Executive Officer
Adam Adam , Chief Operations Officer
Don Don , Chief Information Officer

The Director Team consists of the Director of Operations and the Director of Systems. The Director of Operations ensures all EdgeGamers teams are running properly, pushes new ideas to the forefront of the community, and manages the Community Managers. The Director of Systems manages all EdgeGamers resources, servers, and tech infrastructure.

@FirezFury, Director of Operations
Vacant, Director of Systems

Our Community Managers, while may provide goals and direction for various teams and games our community supports, spend their time influencing the overall direction of the community in partnership with the Director of Operations and the three Chiefs. These individuals have proven critical to our success through their powerful ideas and innovative thinking.
@Spare, Community Manager, Counter-Strike
@DrkChocolate, Community Manager, Team Fortress 2
@Luna, Community Manager, Admin Development
@Gabe, Community Manager, Tech
@Garrett, Community Manager, Tech
@Oblixion, Community Manager, Tech


Counter-Strike Leadership represents both Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike 2.
@Jayy, Senior Manager
@Daddy Succ, Senior Manager
@Cascsiany, Manager (CS:Source)​
@GamingByTheMinute, Manager (TTT Specialist)​
@Jacko, Manager (JB Specialist)​
@Ultralight, Manager (Surf Specialist)​
@Zacc, Manager (Mapping/Support)​
@santa, Manager (Admin Training)​
milo milo Manager (Admin Training)​


Grand Theft Auto Leadership represent all interests of our FiveM server and the upkeep of the game's Discord.

Member Services Leadership is at the forefront of the community, tasked with ensuring a positive experience for those within the community.

@Prinzy, Senior Manager​
@Lucas15, Manager (Applications & General Management)


Media Team Leadership is responsible for the internal and external image of EdgeGamers by managing graphics, social networks, and media.

@Immaculate, Senior Manager
@Dr. Havok, Manager
@Moto Moto, Manager
@404 Notfound, Manager


Minecraft Leadership represents all interests of our Minecraft server and the upkeep of the game's Discord.

@GrumpyCatJen, Senior Manager
Vacant, Manager (Admin Training)
Vacant, Manager (Events)
@Honorstar, Manager (Build Team)

Team Fortress 2 Leadership represents our Team Fortress 2 servers.

Vacant, Senior Manager​
L.M.C.M. L.M.C.M. , Manager (Events)
Mr.Baron Mr.Baron , Manager (Support)
@Elbow Removal Service, Manager (Admin Training)


Tech Leadership ensures a smooth operation of EdgeGamers behind the scenes from a systems and technology standpoint.

@MS, Senior Manager
@Mooshua, Senior Manager
@PixeL, Manager
@Skle, Manager
@jii, Manager
@crc1225, External Consultant
@oey192, External Consultant
@Covert, External Consultant


Administrative Leadership has critical positions operating outside of our games and teams above that assist EdgeGamers in meeting our goals.

Vacant, Senior Manager (Relations)
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