Zombie Apocalypse


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You wake up in a hospital bed, feeling discombobulated and achy. Nurse Joyseph tells you that you’ve been unconscious for 5 years and the world has been going through a Zombie Apocalypse. You are then informed that this hospital is underground which is part of a base known as The Bunker. Unfortunately, you are told you cannot stay, all rooms and beds are taken, but you are free to look around and come back and trade whenever you’d like. On your way out you are given some advice…it’s best to travel in the late morning/afternoon hours, zombies are more restless at night. Journeys are always easier with friends…you never know what monsters or enemies are lurking about.

Server: mine.edgegamers.com
Join the discord https://discord.gg/aapWFUaWM6

To claim land for your town is /town new (name of town) Do Not Use a Name with ‘Help’ in it < or that IS AGAINST THE RULES
  • Claiming works by claiming the chunk you’re in, F3+G shows you chunk borders
  • Towns have to be 160 blocks (or 10 chunks) away from other towns/loot bases
  • It will cost $500 to claim your first plot (find a good spot, you will not be refunded)
    • To claim more plots use /town claim, plots will get more expensive the more you have, plots also need to be connected
    • Town upkeep is $200 per plot (daily), so make sure you have money in your town bank or tax players
      • If players don’t have the money for taxes they will be kicked from the town so we suggest to make it low at first
        • /town set taxes {$}
  • To move where people spawn when tp’ing home is /t set homeblock
  • To invite players is /town add (player name)
  • Extra info https://github.com/TownyAdvanced/Towny/wiki/How-Towny-Works#starting-a-town

    • You have access to /kit starter which you can claim every 21-23 hours (if you’re DS you can claim an extra kits)
    • /vote - Voting gives you $100 per vote, and DS tiers are given more money
    • You can sell things on the auction house by having the item(s) in your hand and typing /ah sell (price)
    • You can try your luck with the lottery by doing /lottery buy (number of tickets).
      • 6 players must play for there to be a winner
      • You can buy up to 10 tickets, each cost $200
  • Enchantments are not something you can get on your own, the Bunker over time will discover new technologies to make tools more efficient and share it with you all…for a price.
  • Exploring
    • In the wild you can only break and place certain blocks, you must claim an area to break all blocks
      • Coal ore
      • Iron ore
      • Redstone ore
      • Lapis ore
      • Gold ore
      • Diamond ore
      • Brown Mushroom
      • Red Mushroom
      • Torch
      • Cactus
      • Clay
      • Glowstone
      • Bamboo
      • Cocoa
      • Melon
      • Pumpkin
      • Ladder
    • You will come across ruins which will have loot chests that refills every 20-60 mins with random items
      • To check around you for loot areas use /towny map big
    • Certain zombies have abilities, stacked, strong, jump boost, throwers
    • PVP is on in the wild and in player towns, so be careful
    • There is no /back or /spawn to get to The Bunker, so we suggest you travel with a partner when going long distances and also take note of the Bunker as well as loot bases so you can get back to them.
      • Don’t let this stop you from making your base far away, a bunker member might be out and about wanting to trade/buy goods.
      • You also can get an Outpost to be closer to spawn.
        • Outposts are for teleports near a loot place or to get to the bunker. They are not to be used to mine out chunks or keep other towns from expanding. Towns found abusing Outposts will be fined.
  • FOOD
    • Animals are extremely rare, keep a lookout for news on animal sightings.
    • Fishing now has a chance for you to not catch anything.
    • The soil is still tainted so crops will grow a lot slower than normal
      • Bone Meal will help grow your crops faster
    • Will upgrade over time, offering new ‘upgraded’ weapons, armor, medicine
    • Bunker members (villagers) will change their trades over time
    • Bunker shop prices will change as the need/want of the item changes
    • Make sure to talk to Tea to trade Tokens for goods
Words of advice: Always think strategy. You will need to walk everywhere, food, resources, and weapons are scarce. Surviving is supposed to be hard. Expect to die at least a few times, it's okay.
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Pretty cool start. I look forward to seeing how The Bunker is upgraded and evolves over time. Good work everyone!