Game Overview: Dead by Daylight


Game Overview: Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is based on a hide and seek format. Where there is a killer that wants to kill the survivors while the survivors are trying to escape and survive. Dead by Daylight is by Behaviour Interactive Inc. and the game was released on Jun 14, 2016, on PC and then on console shortly after. The game has been receiving big updates since the beginning with the addition of some of the most well known and greatest horror figures such as Michael Myers and Freddie Kruger. The game has a lot of replay ability with a leveling system and ~197 perks in the game to mix and match for your preferred build to survive or kill with.

The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC with different versions to be purchased which include no DLC or all of it.
Depending on versions the game goes for $19.99 to $69.99. It is best to wait and get it half off during sales.​


Dead by Daylight is about an Entity that is a supernatural being hailing from the ancient Bloodweb. The killers are mostly serial murderers. They are pulled out of reality by it and are placed into these maps to hunt survivors and kill them to please the Entity. While the survivors are pulled into the Entity's constructed world when they wander too close to the places the killers were taken from, disappearing from the real world without a trace. If the survivors escape they are back at campfire and they rest there until they are pursued by another killer.


As a survivor, your main goal is to survive while starting generators scattered across the map, and avoiding the killer while doing so. You and your 3 companions need to activate 5 total generators. Having multiple people per generator makes them start faster. While starting generators, beware of the prompts that require you to hit spacebar. If you miss them, the generator will make a loud "pop" sound and alert the killer of your location. If you know the killer is coming, you can hide in a closet nearby. If a chase ensues, run for your life. Watch for some barriers you can traverse or pallets to slow the killer.

Once 5 generators are active, locate and open one of the two exits. The prompts are similar to the one seen when activating generators. When you successfully open the gate, get out of there as quick as possible. One other way to escape is through a hatch, but these are different. They are randomly spawned in the map and can only be accessed when one survivor remains. If every survivor escapes using one of the two methods, they claim victory.

As a killer, you are now the hunter. Your main goal is to stop the survivors from escaping at all costs. Scout the map swiftly (and make sure they aren't hiding in closets) to find them. If you spot one, run after them and do your best to incapacitate them. Once you have one down, carry and place them on hook where they await to be sacrificed to the underworld. But watch out, as they can be rescued by their teammates. At the time of writing, there are 27 playable killers. Each one has a unique play style as all killers have a different power.

Both survivors and killers have various unlockables of differing tiers they can activate. Unlockables include addons, items, mystery boxes, offerings, and perks. There are far too many to list here, but you can read all about them on the DBD wiki.

Community Interviews
[Q] How are the visual effects compared to other survival games?
[A] The visuals have only gotten better since they have continuously updated them. Dead by Daylight has the most consistent updates, and listens to its player base. So it will only get better in the future. In comparison to other survival games I’m aware of, I’d say it has of equal quality of visual effects/graphics.

[Q] What's your opinion on the overall movement/feeling?
[A] The movement within the game is great as a survivor. You are 3rd person and are able to juke out the killer by using pallets or looping. On the killer end, movement is dependent on the killer you play.

[Q] Out of 5 stars what would you rate Dead By Daylight?
[A] I would rate it 4/5 because although it is fun, it can get super repetitive- especially on the survivor side.

[Q] Which would you rather be the killer or survivor & why?
[A] If I have a group(webby and heidi) to play with then I do survivor because we can communicate and work better together but if I'm playing on my own I play the killer(Huntress).

[Q] What's your opinion on the new characters they have added recently?
[A] The Oryno is okay, not my kind of killer but I've seen her played. Her teleport to the T.V. is annoying.

[Q] Out of 5 stars what would you rate Dead By Daylight?
[A] 4.5 out of 5

[Q] How do you feel about the Items they have added recently?
[A] The new items they have added recently are a game changer. They’re GOATED everything they have added.

[Q] Would you recommend this game to your friends & why?
[A] Yes I would recommend it to everyone because they introduce iconic killers & players that come from all generations. It is also a company that listens to its community which makes the game more fun to get involved with.

[Q] Out of 5 stars what would you rate Dead By Daylight?
[A] 5/5



-OS: Windows 10 64-bit
-CPU: Intel Core i3-4170 / AMD FX-8120
-GPU: GTX 460 1GB / AMD HG 6850 1GB
-Storage: 50GB

-OS: Windows 10 64-bit
-CPU: Intel Core i3-4170 / AMD FX-8300
-GPU: GeForce 760 4GB / AMD HD 8800 4GB
-Storage: 50GB

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