New Rank Addition to Hierarchy - Advisor


New Rank Addition to Hierarchy - Advisor
EdgeGamers' structure and hierarchy have been a staple of success since our founding in 2006. Only a few times have changes been made to our hierarchy and ranks. Each change or modification over the years took extensive discussion from the Community Management team. As we've continued to grow and evolve the idea of a senior ranking admin, higher than eGO but lower than Manager, has been tossed around and trialed. Frequently, we have seen makeshift positions in various areas of the community with special titles of "Lead" or "Head" that place people who hold special responsibilities in an unofficial rank. It was time to bring some clarity, consistency, and definiteness to these roles. We are introducing the new rank of "Advisor" to fit this category.

The concept of Advisor can most closely be related to that of Junior Staff which has been trialed in Grand Theft Auto since August of last year. Individuals who step up and take on higher levels of responsibility, more than the typical eGO rank requires, were placed in a Junior Staff position to denote their dedication and new responsibilities within Grand Theft Auto. The same basic concepts will be observed with Advisor. The official description reads...


Advisor is a non-leadership level position consisting of senior ranking eGO admins who have proven their ability to excel with the responsibility of upholding the values of EdgeGamers. Advisors know the ins and outs of what it means to be an admin and acts as a role model to our admin base. In addition to their expertise in admining, they are entrusted with more responsibilities to guide other team members, admins, or members to achieve the games, teams, and community's goals.

Over the next few days, the first round of Advisor promotions will be handed out. Those promoted to this rank will have the expectations and responsibilities clearly communicated to them upon promotion. This is a rank that inherently comes with significant responsibility, so admins won't just be seeing themselves added to a promotion list and promoted without notice. All Advisor prospects and candidates will meet with Leaders of the respective games or teams and have a proper onboarding into new responsibilities.

We are excited for the opportunities ahead and the new ways our senior, very dedicated admins, may be recognized moving forward.

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