Advisor Promotions!


Advisor Promotions! - 4/27/22

With the addition of a rank, it was only fitting to bring people up that are a big piece of how games and teams run. It is not just the Leadership Team that helps keep EdgeGamers on its feet, but also a group of monumental members of the community that assist in day-to-day operations, and that help out and step in wherever needed. Read more about the rank here.

Please give a huge congratulations to the following list of people that have been promoted as of the addition of this new role!


Grand Theft Auto

Media Team
@leto - Art and Video Advisor
@Immaculate - Socials Advisor

@Cinnamon Toast

@mouse pouch - Mapping team
@blank_dvth - TTT
@Sister - BHOP
@rich - Surf
@benji - Surf
@Immaculate - CSS

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