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Santa has been a big part of the Counter-Strike Leadership team for over 1 year now where he has led the Event Coordinator team to the point where he got promoted to Senior Manager. Through his time here Santa has made sure that Counterstrike was at its best. With his lead over the team, we were able to get so much done whether it was rule updates, server updates, or the notorious reports/contests. If anyone ever had any issues Santa was the person to go to, he was always willing to help when someone needed him. He is a good person who you would always find missing his shots on guard as a CT on jailbreak, while on the Servers he would make sure people were having a good time.

It saddens me to state this but Santa decided to step down from his duties as Senior Manager. Santa was an amazing leadership member and an even better friend. He stepped into the position of leading Counterstrike in 2021 and did a great job till the end. Santa will be missed as one of the managers but he is sticking around with us as an advisor, we wish the best for him and the future to come. Thank you @santa for all you have done for the CS Community.​
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Santa announced DDZ's promotion to Sr. Manager 4 months ago, now DDZ announces Santa's resignation, sad story :(

Thank you Santa for everything you've done, hope to see you around.


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the north pole is officially closing @santa finally became bankrupt from delivering all the new admins their ranks :(

in all seriousness, sad to see you go,


Thank you, Santa. Always helped me when I needed it and always kept thing straight with me and guided me to becoming admin last year. Hope the best for you in all your endeavors and may I never kill you first in among us.


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I remember when you told me to get my =(e)= tag and now I’m eGO! What a Legend !!!
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thanks for always listening to my endless rants about everything and nothing - and thank you for stepping up when CS needed it most.
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