Can you get out of the Crimson Room?

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This is a game where you wake up in a room that the only way you can get out is if you find all of the clues and peice them together. I am stuck at the battery and I cant find it. See if you can get out! Good Luck!
ive played it, it pisses me off haha. tell me what to do, ive found both keys the ring/ the battery and paper and the cd ablum


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Im no good at puzzle games, I keep wishing I had a gun to unload a clip into whatever is screwing me up o_O Shooting guns is actually a great way to take out stress, by far the best thing I have ever done is shot a manakin head with a M1 Garand ^_^
Towards the end of the dance he points at a + sign on the wall a few times wait for the vid to end and click where the + sign was a few times and youll progress : )
Fuzzy did you pick up all the peices? if so, the red box is used as a projecter but you gotta put it together (batteries, etc) try putting the items into it.
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