CSGO Jailbreak How to be a better admin.


ong bro admins not knowing rules is an issue. the other day i got swapped for killing an st who held contra out for more than 3s so out of spite he swapped me for "freekill", other people called him out in chat but he refused to revoke it!! this is uncool and admins should probably know that the 3s contra rule applys to st unless the warden states so.


Maybe the problem is we have too many admins? Having 8 admins online when there's 30 people in the server is overkill. When this happens, I suspect they become trigger-happy in wanting to be the first one to resolve an issue.

Not a question about JB specifically, but why are we promoting people when there are plenty of active admins online at all times of day? IMO, have a fixed set of admins that are active at certain times of day, if one starts becoming less active, demote him/her and promote a worthy candidate to fill.