TehRaddish Diamond Commendation

Architect of Life

Voice of Reason
Senior Manager
TehRaddish Diamond Commendation


From Architect of Life:
After taking on a role in Member Services last year, TehRaddish has shined and outshined in his various roles in the team. Showing great dedication to the vision of Member Services, he has been a model member of the team in his passion and execution. Not only has Raddish taken a role in the Member Relations program, but also in the Community Outreach program. And in both of these teams, he has been a leader in the true meaning of the word, providing aid to many people interested in making this community a better place.

From b t:
Since my time joining Member Services, Raddish has shown to be an incredible asset to the Community Outreach Team. He is consistently involved and always is there when I ask for his input / help. In addition to this, he has shown very redeeming qualities on what it means to be a leader in EdgeGamers. He has stepped up to the plate, made his opinions known, and constantly interacts with the community in a very charismatic and professional way.

For these reasons, we are proud to present you with this commendation. Thank you for your efforts and passion.​


Poster Extraordinaire
congratz Raddish :D hope to be there in more of your meetings :D so you can get more nostalagia from my squeek voice to mature voice lol