CS Leadership Promotions


CS Leadership Promotions

Counter-Strike is bringing up two very dedicated members to the Senior Manager Position. They have gone above and beyond in their respective groups in AT and EC and will now help lead the Counter-strike group. @Spare will be moving into this position and will help run the Counter-strike group with his specialty in Admin Training while @Belt will also be moving into the position of Senior Manager and will have his specialty in Event Coordination. Their main objective will be to help guide and oversee the managers along with the group as a whole.

Please join us in giving a round of applause to @Belt @Spare on their promotions to Senior Manager!

Counter-Strike is also bringing in two very hardworking and dedicated members to the Manger position. We Have @Daddy Succ moving into the team as one of our Admin Training managers, he will make sure that admins are trained properly along with help update/change any rules that need to be changed. @blank_dvth will also be joining the team as our new Server Specialist TTT Manager. He will be making sure TTT is up to date and any bugs or issues that do come up are fixed as soon as possible, Blank will take feedback from the TTT Specialist and make sure all issues are heard and will help TTT Succeed.

Please join us in giving a round of applause to @blank_dvth @Daddy Succ on their promotions to Manager!

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