Diamond Commendation!



Diamond Commendation
Presented by Managers to those whom they determine have gone above and beyond in their dedication to eGO.

We would like to congratulate Typical on receiving the Diamond Commendation award. Typical has been an outstanding member in and out of the server and plays a large part in the success of Grand Theft Auto. He’s a welcomed member of the Community Engagement team and also is apart of the recruitment team bringing new members to our sever. Recently, Typical has also volunteered to coordinate our daily QOTD's in the GTA discord. Through his many roles on the server, being a member of Law Enforcement, working for the DOJ, and being a car dealer, your bound to run into his characters and you can always expect to have a good time interacting with him. We are very proud to bestow the Diamond Commendation to Typical and we look forward to see what he does in the future. Please join us in congratulating him on his achievement!

Art: @bandito | Author: @Venturee