What's is your greatest gaming advancement so far?


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When Day of Defeat Source was popular I finished number 1 in the HLstatsX world rankings on two occasions. The rankings were quarterly. I finished in the top 5 numerous times. Ranking high meant capturing or defending flags, winning rounds, and kills. Also, not getting killed was important.


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I may have done a few in the past but right now, beating Malenia in Elden Ring.

This is a milestone for me because Elden Ring is my very first Souls game. Friends say it's a bit easier than most Souls game. Maybe a lot easier and that's alright, I gotta start somewhere I guess hehe.



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I finally reached Level 70 in FFXIV, it's so exciting! The last bit of additional questing for experience are the Beast Tribe quests. In this range, I’ll be tackling daily quests for the Pixies.
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Prob this


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You know what me and your dad did >:)
My greatest achievement is beating stereo madness in geometry dash took me 300 hours I’m very proud and killing you with the tank on kwejsi :)