CS Spring Wingman Tournament


Spring Wingman Tournament
The Wingman Tournament will be hosted on the 28th of May, 2022

Have you been itching for another CS:GO tournament? Want to prove that you and your teammate are the best FPS players within eGO?? Well, wait no more! This time around YOU will be able to pick your own teammate within eGO and veto maps against the other team you are playing. It will be a fun-filled action-packed event so sign up quickly to guarantee your spot!

  • You must sign up as a team of 2 players. This means when you sign up, both players must have the same information inputted (same team name, same teammate name, etc)
  • Sign-Ups will close on May 25th, 2022.
  • Sign-Up HERE
Eligibility Requirements
  • Have a registered forum account and Discord.
  • Be MAUL verified.
  • Be in good standing with EdgeGamers (no current bans) or bans within the last 30 days.
  • If a member of a team doesn’t show up within 5 minutes after the match starts, that team will automatically forfeit.
  • If a team is unable to complete a match, then they will automatically forfeit.

Tournament Information
  • There will be 16 or 24 teams participating
  • First come first served, sign up early to guarantee your spot in the tournament
  • First FIVE teams to sign up after the 16 or 24 teams have priority to fill in empty spots
  • Will be played on basic the wingman setup (16 rounds) with overtime.
  • Single elimination
  • BO3 Finals
  • All matches will be played on eGO CS:GO Servers.
  • NO SUBS (cuz that went well last time)
  • You will be able to stream your own matches! Just make sure you have a delay on :)
Tournament Rules
  • BOTH members of the team must fill out the google forum to sign up.
  • All players must be MAUL registered and verified.
  • Teams must be in Discord for the event
  • The use of any hacks, cheats, scripts, exploits, model breaking, or any kind of third-party software, as listed in the eGO competition rules, to give you an advantage over another player (e.g. AHK) will result in disqualification from the tournament for both members of the team. The offending player will also be banned from all EdgeGamers servers.
  • Any use of map exploits and or map bugs are not allowed, including but not limited to grenade exploits or using them to kill/harm enemy players.
  • If for whatever reason the server malfunctions or there is an error, the round will be replayed.
  • Leadership has the final say.
  • Teams must check-in 30 minutes before start time by being on the Discord Channel for the event.
Map Selection
  • Active wingman maps only will be played (Vertigo, Inferno, Overpass, Cobblestone, Train, Nuke, Shortdust, and Lake)
  • For each match Team A and Team B will be able to veto maps, Team A will ban 4 maps however Team B will be able to choose which side (CT or T) they start the half on. For each round Team A and Team B will be randomly chosen. For example, the vetos will go as ( Team A Bans, Team B Bans, Team A Bans, Team B Bans, Team A Bans, Team B Bans, Team A Bans, Play remaining map)
  • For the finals, the vetos will go as (Team A Bans, Team B Bans, Team A Picks, Team B Picks, Team A Bans, Team B Bans, Team A Bans, Play Remaining Map if needed). For the finals, Team A and Team B will be randomly chosen. And whatever map each team picks the other team will choose what side to start on.
  • 1st place: $25 Amazon gift card each and 1 month of Dedicated Supporter
  • 2nd place: $10 Amazon gift card each and 1 Month Dedicated Supporter
  • 3rd place: 1 Month Dedicated Supporter
The event will be hosted on our Discord!

This post will be edited at least 2 days before with teams and bracket for the event. Keep an eye out and support your friends on the day of the event!

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AYE! thanks for everyone signing up! we still have team slots left so make sure you sign up quick!