Tech May Newsletter


Tech May Newsletter

New Tech Team Manager

Tech team is proud to announce the promotion of @MSWS to Manager! Their hard work towards EdgeGamers' projects has not gone unnoticed.

MSWS will be working behind the scenes to keep servers up-to-date and to bring the freshest features.

Server Testing and Branch-dependent Deployment

Last newsletter we discussed our initial progress with Kubernetes and networking. On a similar note, Tech has been striving to increase testing efficiency by creating servers based off project branches. In theory, this will allow us to focus our attention, code, changes, and commits to a single branch, push the changes, and have a server automatically spun up exclusively for testing.

While this functionality is still in development for all projects, it is successfully deployed for our GTA server. Upon completion, this will greatly reduce testing headaches and potential confusion during testing.

November - May Report

This section goes over what we have accomplished since our last newsletter. You can read our last newsletter here.

Awards are still being worked on! Since November we have introduced award granting to Senior Managers. While this functionality is planned on being opened to Managers, we are still working out all the kinks that Awards come with.

-We saw the Discord Overhaul completed with major thanks to @Rykes.
-On the same note, we departed from the TeamSpeak server. Never to be forgotten, always appreciated.
-The Mafia event channel was set up in coordination with @CelDamage and @Grumpy Kitten.
-EdgeGamers Leadership was provided an easier method of communicating with tech.
-Small enhancements and improvements are in the works for MAUL.

-We created a Tech Application to help streamline our onboarding process! This allowed for quicker and easier assessment and acknowledgment of applications in one location.
-We began our intermittent cleanup of issues, projects, and repositories.
-Issue labels and staging have begun to be streamlined and overhauled:

1. Backlog: Issues that are very low priority and should not be looked at until all other issues have been completed.
2. Triage: Awaiting Leadership review. Must be labeled, prioritized, and categorized.
3. Open: Issue has been confirmed by Leadership or Tech and is available to be claimed.
4. Development: Issue has been claimed (and assigned) and is in active development.
5. Testing: Relevant commits/changes have been pushed and are awaiting testing.
6. Review: Testing has successfully completed and changes must be reviewed by Tech or Leadership.
7. Complete: Changes have been reviewed, confirmed, and ready for merging/rebuild.
-Documentation including wikis, container information, and servers has been fleshed out and updated.

-For counter-strike specifically, we have begun the process of updating to SourceMod 11.
-This includes all MAUL and server plugins.
-Our server specialists have been working behind the scenes on a new advanced surf server! Tech has been working alongside this team to gradually fix, update, and improve features.
-We saw some major bug fixes and updates to Jailbreak; and we are currently working on getting the new Advisors their tags.

Grand Theft Auto
-GTA finished up the streamlining of developing and testing.
-Our GTA players have been hard at work squashing those pesky bugs and improving the immersion of our FiveM server.

-We saw a hugely successful release of the Zombie Server!
-Huge props to @Tea, @Garrett, and many other admins for testing, developing, and making this possible!
-Tech Team will work closely alongside MC Leadership to see their ideas come to life.

May-June Roadmap

So much done, so much to do! As with all things tech, we have a list of things we hope to accomplish within the month ™️

-Completion of Phase 2 of the award system and updating the award database to include all awards. This also includes fixing all automated awards (such as the yearly or DS awards).

-Resume work on MAUL 3 (yes, it actually exists).
-General bug fixes and performance improvements to our servers and plugins.
-Create documentation and organize internal GitLab for easier use and teamwork.
-General cleanup of forums, headers, and info pages.
-Development and experimentation with new plugins, features, and game servers.
-Integrate web permissions with MAUL.

Gitlab Statistics (November 1 -> May 12)

Projects: 1,404 -> 1,550 (+146)
Groups (folders): 144 -> 179 (+35)
Created Issues: 3,265 -> 4,311 (+1046)
Merge Requests: 6,590 -> 8,757 (+2167)
Total Pipelines (automated tasks): 34,177 -> 60661 (+26484)
Successful Pipelines: 29,581 -> 53,500 (+23919)
Failed Pipelines: 3,940 -> 5,460 (+1520)
Pipelines Cancelled: 529 -> 608 (+79)
Pipelines Skipped: 127 -> 158 (+31)

Interested in joining tech?

Tech is always looking for more members! If you're interested in these threads you might make a great fit for our team! Make sure to check out this thread if you are interested in applying for tech.


As always, if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback, please feel free to reach out to any member of the appropriate leadership.

EdgeGamers Tech

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Don't worry, be happy!
Senior Manager
It takes a village. Shoutout with kudos and thanks to all of you for your hard work and deserved recognition. Awesome update report! (y)

Psst...I hope source receives some tech love too. 🙏


Are you gonna fix our gang kills it must be 24k since we have 2k kills right now :>> but congrats on getting manager but hope you fix our gang ct kills reset