Shooting through walls

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welll i was playin and i rushed into the cafe (donner) and i poke my legs near the wall and a mg shoots and kills me and can you send or try to fix this its kinda annoyin and i heard finch tellin ppls about it too well snipe you later 8)
most walls can be spammed through with MG, best tactic is not to camp behind them.

Just keep moving and dont forget to
Well ... they need to fix that ... thats my opinion i mean if the wall is just like 3 inches thick then yeah its going to go through
for example the V-crack on ava(Axis side): if you are passing behind it to the church way you might get damage because of mgs

its a good but dangerous thing...
I love the mg-through-walls thing. Its a great way to get an mg out of the v-crack overlooking axis 2nd in ava. You can set up in that room and spray the crack through the wall. Even if you dont get him, 9 times out of 10 they will get out of the crack.

There's various other little spots where you can use it to great effect. Avalanche is full of mg walling situations.
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