Thank You, Rykes.


Thank You, Rykes

@Rykes (formerly known as Wish) joined the community in November of 2019 and began her journey on the GTAV servers. In May of 2020, her hard work finally paid off, and she started her upward journey. On October 10th of 2020, Rykes was promoted to Manager of the brand new EdgeGamers supported game known as "Overwatch".

After being promoted to Manager, Rykes had successfully built from the ground up a fully functioning Discord, and a brand new group that was home to a brand new player base here at EdgeGamers. She then quickly raised to Sr. Manager in December of that same year, and then the Community Manager in March of 2021.

Within her tenure here at EdgeGamers, never once did Rykes show signs of slowing down. Being the face of the Discord Overhaul, she took a group of individuals and helped create the organized Discord that we game in today. Working directly with the Director of Operations, and with the Executives, Rykes has left a significant footprint here in EdgeGamers that will last a lifetime.

Rykes has decided to step down and follow her dreams in the Overwatch Esports scene. EdgeGamers will be behind you every step of the way.

Thank you, Rykes.

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@Rykes Thanks for all the hard work with creating the OW community here in eGO!
Good luck with WISP!
I hope they keep growing and make it farther in the pro scene!