Thank You, Everyone!


Thank You, Everyone!

Here in EdgeGamers, we have MANY dedicated members that are able to make this community function to the best of its ability. Without our members, admins, and leadership we wouldn't have the servers we love, the articles and videos we create, events we enjoy, and the many other things eGO offers us. We asked leadership to give us a couple of dedicated members they would like to appreciate, and we would like to give a special thanks to these individuals.

Thank you,

, our resident Genji main has been around for just over a year. Ever since he joined he has had a positive impact on the community. Not only is he active in-game, but also in text channels. Constantly providing helpful advice to anyone in need. We are happy to have you around and hope you keep being amazing in the future. ~ Overwatch LE
@kyle?? has been a wonderful community member for over a year and is a complete joy to have around. From hosting events to just hanging out in VC, Kyle is a great friend and an enjoyable gamer being loveable and accepting of everyone. They are funny and have a strong drive for creativity, unlike many. We are so glad to have you back Kyle. We missed you! ~ Overwatch LE

Media Team
has joined Media Team recently and has done great professional and beyond timely work. Beamer presents himself with a professional front when interviewing, and he has shown true dedication to his role. He has also shown initiative in participating in projects and has communicated effectively with the team. We appreciate you, and cant wait to see all you do in the future! - Media LE.
@Sloths creates amazing artwork and has given a substantial amount of feedback to other Media Team members. He even offers to stream the process of creation of his artwork for others to view. He communicates any issues in a timely matter and shows true passion for his work. We encourage you to keep up the amazing work, and we appreciate all you have done and continue to do! - Media LE.

@jeremy_duck joined in December of 2017 and is an honorable member of the FiveM Server. Recently, he started his Mayor Campaign. He promotes the server by streaming live and showcasing the server! ~ GTA LE
@FluffyPuffyNut joined in December of 2021 and is an outstanding member by helping with Clothing Updates, Car Handling, and Other Development Work! ~ GTA LE

Though he's one of our newer members, he is well known and well-liked around the community. He is a big supporter of the server and events.
@HopeFull has been a valuable addition to our community. She is an exemplar member who is engaged and spirited. Her heart is full of devotion and she will reach out a kind hand to those who need support.

came back to our community after a long absence and immediately jumped in and started helping out. Thanks Ric!

Member Services
@Grumpy Kitten
has played a huge part in getting the Member Services event team to the forefront and pursuing new fun events for the community to take part in.

Someone else to recognize is @KumQuat, who has hit the ground running since joining Member Services. They have hosted new events and helped out in other areas within Member Services, most notably in Member Relations.

We would like to show our appreciation for these two members, thank you both for your time and effort!

In the world of events, @dys, who you may know as Peloc, has been an old name. He has been helping craft fun and engaging experiences for a long time. Since the Events Team was in its infancy, he has been involved in every step of the process. Many of the events you will see in the coming months are the product of his careful planning.

A newcomer by comparison, @Psych has shown incredible drive to create exceptional events in a variety of ways. He has shown time and time again his personality and potential. His contribution to this team, among others, does not go unnoticed. We thank you both for your time, effort, and above all, passion for making great experiences for those around you!

Has been an outstanding member of the community and has shown his dedication to the Jailbreak Server. Not only is he an Admin Trainer and helps with rules changes and updates but has decided to become a server specialist as well. He has proved himself and got Advisor for Jailbreak and helps to improve the server along with making sure that the players are having a good time. We are Thankful for having Jacko and cant wait to see what he brings in the future.

@Trinity Since Trinity joined the Admin Training team she has gone above and beyond to make sure the rules are updated along with good grammar. She has trained many admins and has made an effort to help anyone who has questions and concerns. Not only does she help the CS AT team but she has also hosted amazing events for the Member Services team. She is a great member of the community and we thank her for all her work. #girlboss

Destiny 2
@Jay has been an integral part of the Destiny 2 Leadership team and we would like to thank him for his hard work recruiting and attracting new members to Destiny 2. Jay has done an outstanding job as a member of leadership no matter what group he has been a part of, thank you Jay for your time and dedication!

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The fact that none of the admins on Counter Strike Source were recognized is beyond me...

At a minimum, I know that @Immaculate should be recognized for his contributions.

Anyway, congrats to the players that play on CSGO, GTAV, etc.



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Community Manager
The fact that none of the admins on Counter Strike Source were recognized is beyond me...

At a minimum, I know that @Immaculate should be recognized for his contributions.

Anyway, congrats to the players that play on CSGO, GTAV, etc.

Immaculate, is immaculate <3


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Shameful that CSS was ignored again.

I just want to thank @Surge_Wave, @Immaculate and the rest of the CSS admin team for all the hard work and contributions to the server.
Also, thanks to all of the dedicated supporters that help keep CSS and the rest of these servers afloat.


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The purpose of this was not to ignore individuals. There are many many people around EdgeGamers that make the servers 100x better every single day with their efforts, hard work, and dedication. If you wish to thank or give your appreciation to any individual that helps out around the community, we encourage it full-heartedly. However, please try not to take the credit away from those that were given it. No one has been purposefully ignored, and we (Leadership) apologize that we can not fit everyone into this post. (We did not want a megapost). For instance, Immaculate has been doing a FANTASTIC job in both Media and CSS. Hence why he has been awarded Manager - we are continuously thanking and appreciating him within the community.


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