Criminal progression and you


Hello everyone,

I wanted to touch base on something I have noticed in the server since I have been playing more actively lately.
Criminal progression.
While I do believe having the criminal activities we do have is great, there is a lot more to do, a lot more interactions with both gangs/police/random criminals and civilians one thing I find lacking is any sort of meaningful progression. Once you know where things are, you have access to pretty much anything you need to do whatever you want. It's sometimes as easy as asking someone "hey! where is ___" Good progression is like the carjacking missions, you start out slow and a low level but eventually get enough rep. to do bigger jobs.

Yellow USB's for example. They are simply way too easy to get and there is almost 0 risk to purchase them.
What I would like to see is yellow USB's being locked behind other criminal activities. Drug dealing, give it a % chance to get a USB instead of money for a drug deal. If possible, I would even say only allow USB's to be dropped during a drug deal when the police are in the city. No more selling drugs at 3am alone. Where's the fun in that!?
House robberies, allow people to get BLACK and YELLOW USB's from house robberies. This makes people actual utilize house robberies to progress to drug dealing, to get to a point where they can have access to yellow USB's. This also promotes gangs to have low level members doing low level crimes to support the gang in more meaningful ways. This also allows new players to become useful as these things are generally the lowest tier of crime.

Bank trucks progress into bank robberies.
Allow bank trucks a % chance to drop some sort of item that correlates to a bank. X item could be for pacific standard, Y item could be for the fleeca in paleto and Z could be for the bank at legion etc. This cuts down on the amount of bank robberies, creates a black market for another criminal item and promotes criminals to roleplay with one another instead of crim vs cop and gang vs gang.

All in all this is just a mad mans ramblings but I would love to hear what you all have to think!