How many games do you have in your Steam library?

How many games do you have in your Steam library?

  • <50

    Points: 20 25.3%
  • 50-99

    Points: 23 29.1%
  • 100-199

    Points: 17 21.5%
  • 200-299

    Points: 7 8.9%
  • 300-399

    Points: 2 2.5%
  • 400-499

    Points: 4 5.1%
  • 500+

    Points: 6 7.6%

  • Total voters


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Apparently 131. Girlfriend and I share the same desktop computer though so I have access to her library, which is much larger than mine.


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I have 400+ in steam itself, however across all platforms, we are looking at the ~650 mark


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how many have you played in... lets say the last like 4 months or so??? thats wild! I only have 86 games on steam.... and I feel like thats wayy too many to decide....
It's gradual.

I open the game, give it an hour to impress, and if I don't like it, I close it and uninstall it.

Unless it's something like a joke porn game, then I'd just never open it.

Out of all of those games, I'm willing to bet that I played/opened at least 150.


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Who said 500+? I need proof.
You can pick up a lot of games for dirt cheap during sales. I also get a lot from humble bundle.
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