Meet The Leadership - DDZ ZioNeX


Meet the leadership - DDZ ZioNeX

On this installment of " Meet The Leadership " I am proud to introduce you to DDZ! I'm sure by now most of you have already met him, but if you haven't he is the community manager of the Counter-Strike division. If you can't find him on the Counter-Strike servers you can find him on Discord chatting with the community! Not only is he active on the servers and the Discord but he is also the backbone of the Counter-Strike servers making sure we're updated on all of the latest information.

Writers: @Sister , @Katiee | Video Editor: @Scarox93 | Artist: @leto | Interviewer: @Beamer

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Love these types of videos! It's always nice to be able to take a peek into people's everyday life outside of EGO. Keep up the great work media team and DDZ.