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Sounds good, nice work Kendle

lol that scared me too, I thought I was a moderator for a second there. Then I woke up
its a sercret.

Oh snap. I think it's that JohnT didn't want us talking about him while he was gone.
I think the last thread made in the real forum was corrupt in some way. When it crashed it had 1300 threads, now it has 1299.
[quote1181158347=Blazing Heat]
No wonder it's been wierd today...and here I was breaking my comp
*throws hammer away*

lol i can picture someone doing that lol
i think they are deleting old posts so no one can bump them up again.... or it could be a new maybe some beautiful pics of me.... or just a new backround
ok jman keep telling your self that....but i think it just crashed or something....then again it is kendle
hey death i think you need a new sig b/c i cant see the pic... maybe you caused the crash!!!! or it could be the 13000 posts!!!!
can you not read jman? it says sig edited by kendle for forum testing......jeez, from that i dont think you'll do to well
Click on it see what happens he just changed it so that it does not show it like the rest of ours

--------->[edit] i think you have a buggy
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