Overwatch Summer 2v2 Tournament


Overwatch Summer 2v2 Tournament

Summer is upon us!
The Overwatch team is hosting a Summer 2v2 Double-Elimination Bracket Tournament played in the Lockout Elimination Arcade preset.
This is tournament is being held on Saturday, June 25th @ 3pm EST in the Overwatch eGO Discord.

Sign ups close June 22nd.

Signup Requirements:
-Must be in the EdgeGamers Overwatch Discord
-Must be in good standing within the community
-Must have a registered forum account

Team requirement:
- Total peak SR must not exceed 6200, no exceptions.

Team creation:
-Please put in your teammate's name when you signup
-If you do not have a teammate put LFT, you will be manually placed on a team. If there are no open teams then you can compete as a solo.

2 $20 amazon gift cards + Tournament Winner award
2nd: 2 months of Discord Nitro Classic OR 2 months of DS Silver


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