EdgeGamers Mafia Ep. 2: The Retreat - Signups Close 6/18/22

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EdgeGamers Mafia Episode 2: The Retreat

Hosted by @blank_dvth, with @4g0tt3nSou1 behind the scenes

What is Mafia?
Mafia is a text-based version of popular games like Among Us and Town of Salem, where EGO members (villagers) have to find and ban the punks (killers) before they overwhelm EGO. The game can last between 1-3 weeks depending on how many people sign up. What makes this game unique to the others is that it will be entirely personalized to our community! The setting will be EGO-themed, and every player's death and action will be related to the games they play and their own individual personalities.

How To Play
The game will be played in a text channel on the main discord. The rules of the game are simple. Everyone receives a role (mostly categorized into villagers, and killers), along with a doctor. Every morning the channel is unlocked, a death is revealed, and everyone debates and votes on who they believe was one of the punks. At the end of the day, the person with the most votes is killed, their role is revealed, and the thread is locked to begin the night phase. During the night phase villagers sleep, killers decide their next target, the doctor chooses one person to protect, and the detective investigates one player to try and find the killers.

Day starts at 08:00 EST and night starts at 20:00 EST. This cycle repeats every day with a few surprises here and there until one team comes out on top!

Episode 2: The Retreat
Gamers Everywhere! It is my distinct pleasure that I have today to announce the 5th annual EdgeGamers' Tropical Retreat! Our gracious host, @Artimus has kicked things up to 120% this year and pulled out all the stops! This year's location, the Private Island of Destiny; a remote island where Leadership can enjoy their umbrella drinks, while watching admins and members alike participate in different activities! A much-needed break for all!

Getting access to this exclusive retreat was definitely something you all worked hard for, a whole month on a private island? ALL expenses paid? Needless to say, some of you were very excited about the announcement! You all should have your tickets! Be careful, as some claim they were to die for…. Well, we are ticking the days for when we depart here for Destiny Island, on June 25th! Make sure to pack your sunscreen and swimsuit! Hope to see you all there!

Sign up Here!
To be added to the roster, comment “I'm Interested” on this thread and add your discord ID, so you can be messaged your role when the game starts.
  • Signups close 6/18/2022
  • Starts 6/25/2022 and will go on for a few weeks
  • You may not change your profile picture or nickname during the event
  • Morning starts at 8 AM EST every day, and night starts at 8 PM EST
  • The game is held in the main discord: discord.gg/edgegamers

@blank_dvth will be coordinating this event. Please forward any questions you may have to him.

Good luck surviving this deadly EGO reunion...

Artist: @HairyFather | Writer: @blank_dvth

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