Media Team is Recruiting!

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Media Team is Recruiting!

Media Team is eGO's most comprehensive team as it creatively supports and promotes all other EdgeGamers teams in their goals for growth, success and entertainment. We are the access for written and visual arts while maintaining the most popular and thriving social media.

Media Team has opened the door for those interested in project Writing, Video Editing, Graphic Art, Content Team, Social Media, and last of all TikTok! We invite all who are interested in contributing to eGO by participating in an open, comfortable and supportive environment that provides freedom of creativity and expression in a venue that thrives on effort and exciting work.

Contribute to eGO by applying into Media Team:

Media Team Application Form

Writer: @Immaculate | Art: DeerFat DeerFat | Editor: Media LE

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:0 only if I took that media class!!

You don’t need any media class or prior knowledge. heidi heidi will give you everything you need to be successful. All you have to have is the interest, the will to learn and develop and the understanding that you will receive feed back and make mistakes, but that’s ok because that’s how we grow!

From where I started to now is a big night and day difference one of my favorite things about media is the positive feed back everyone provides.
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