In 6 days...


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In 6 days, on June 12th, I will be heading to Germany as a school trip. It is going to be GREAT! We visit a few notable WWII places, the Buchess Gardens and Eagles Nest :O and get to drink all the beer we want. I will be back the 24th from it late at night, very tired, and wanting to kill ;p

Our teacher is the best. She said and I qoute " No brownies for me means no brownies for you!" ( Euro Trip reference for those of you who didnt see it)


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lol I lover Eurotrip... Have fun and dont get into trouble


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you are lucky dude be safe and dont do anything to stupid
The only field trip I had in scholl was a Jr High trip to Bostons 'Freedom Trail'. Basically a red line taking you from point to point historically visiting Revolutionary War era historial sites. This guys house, that church, Old Ironsides over there and Bunker Hill. One highlight was The Old Granary Graveyard. All the other kids from my upper middle class school were pointing at all the 'squirrels' running around the graves in downtown Boston and saying how cute they were. I said ' Those are rats, see the tails, no fur'. They argued that they were indeed squirrels so I said ' dudes, I live in the projects, those are rats!'.


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i took a trip around europe a few years ago. loved every second of it. especially the nights. you will definately have the time of ur life
come to sunny ol blighty tis nice this time of the year:)


omg have a great trip and friggen eagles nest in germeny isnt that from band of brothers where hitler lives !?!??!?!


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omg have a great trip and friggen eagles nest in germeny isnt that from band of brothers where hitler lives !?!??!?!

Please think a little harder before posting like this...
why is everyone i know going to europe? my freind left to day to go there on vacation with his family. Wish i could go :( Anyway, have fun man!
have fun, get drunk, and make it so your school doesnt want to take another group of people lol.

dont stay in a hostel.....

LOL! outbreak you're the man
My grandparents went to burchess Garden and the pics they took were amazing. You will have a blast. Take pictures especially of the eagles nest and post them.