[CS:GO] Advanced Surf Launch!


CS:GO - Advanced Surf Launch!

The server we have been working very hard on behind the scenes and the server that the player base has been waiting on for a very long time is finally here! Today, we announce the arrival of our Advanced Surf server, which is a server with tier 2 to 6 maps. Complete the maps by doing a bit of A+D wiggle-wiggle ;)

Some Features:
• Shared databases w/ beginner surf
• Mapchooser with Tiers
• Weapon skins
• Night Vision
• Paint
• Hats

Expect continuous updates to be pushed out with exciting new features and map additions. And as always, if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to contact sopheyy or join Server Specialists today!

=(eGO)= ADVANCED SURF 24/7 | TIER 2-6 | 85 TICK | !WS !KNIFE | EdgeGamers.com

Make sure to add the server to your favorites!

Writer: @sopheyy | Art: @leto
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