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Shots Fired
Senior Manager
Rust 250 Hours 250 hours played in Rust

Rust 500 Hours 500 hours played in Rust

Rust 1000 Hours 1000 hours played in Rust

Rust 2000 Hours 2000 hours played in Rust

You must have a screenshot or log to earn most of the above achievements. Post your screenshots in this thread for Leadership to review. Leadership will update your posts every time we hand out your achievement.

Explanation of certain achievements:
You must provide a screen shot or log where applicable, as proof for most achievements. This isn't about which Rust Steam achievements you have. This is about giving you achievements for things you have done on our servers. Because of this you will need to provide screen shot or log where applicable as proof.

  • Rust Hours 250 - 2000 - Please include a link to your Steam profile and make sure that your profile is not private. If your profile is private, we will not be able to confirm your hours played. Screenshots are not acceptable for this achievement.

Name of member(s) that qualify for this achievement in your screen shot:
Proof[Screenshot or log]:

If you meet these requirements, post a link to your Steam community profile in this thread. Make sure your profile is not set to private so that we can verify yours hours played.
Awards will be granted every few days as needed. Please DO NOT post in this thread if you already have the award or are not applying for the award.

How to get your Steam profile URL

Navigate to your steam profile page. Once there. right-click anywhere on the page and select Copy Page URL: