EdgeGamers Birthday Weekend 2022


Happy Birthday EdgeGamers!

The start to July brings Americans their holiday of Independence, but more importantly it brings Gamers the Birthday of EdgeGamers! Our community was founded 16 years ago by a team who wanted to create a new home to call their own. Built on strong values and a clear definition of how they wanted our game servers to feel - EdgeGamers flourished and we're still here keeping punks out many years later.

If you're not in the know of history, EdgeGamers was founded in 2006 by JohnT, Artimus and a small crew who wanted to open their own Day of Defeat: Source server. Original members as well as some acquired along the way helped lay the foundation for the future for this community. From one Avalanche server to building into new games such as Team Fortress2, Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty 4, EdgeGamers was thrust into the gaming spotlight through the peak of community based pc server offerings.

Years later, we face a different climate in gaming. One built heavily on matchmaking, cloud servers, and small parties or groups. Communities struggle to maintain identity as adding your daily server to your favorites fades into the past making tightknit community groups fewer to come by. EdgeGamers has been one to adopt change and evolve to adapt to this new climate in gaming as seen with our success in Overwatch driven by Rykes & Star.

The future is bright and there's no thought of slowing down. While maintaining a large community in modern times may be difficult, where not only the gaming space is evolving but how we interact as people socially is evolving, we'll continue to do the hard work to make sure our place to connect is always here. Cheers to the past and the great things to come. Happy Birthday EdgeGamers.


In honor of EdgeGamers Birthday, join us for a celebration TONIGHT (July 2, 2022) at 7:00pm ET on the Discord server.
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Happy birthday ego! Some of the best memories of my life were made on this organisation and it’s weird that ego Is the same age as me
That article was so well written, props to Legend or whoever did it. Pleased to be a part of it!!! Love you guys!