July 2022 Community Update - Destiny2 & Grand Theft Auto


Sorry for the delay in Community Management updates. I will be back on track with providing a monthly insight to what we are up to and the latest happenings in the community. This month we will focus on two supported games, Destiny 2 & Grand Theft Auto. You can expect another update that deserves its own thread in the coming days following this post.

Destiny 2
We come with difficult news that we will be ending our support for Destiny 2 in the coming week. The difficult decisions comes after many discussions within the Community Management team on our next steps with the games' Discord that has dropped in activity over the last few months. @Jay who is the current Senior Manager over Destiny 2 will be transitioning his efforts to Grand Theft Auto as a Manager contributing to development efforts. We thank everyone who has assisted in the support of Destiny 2 since its creation in our community.

Grand Theft Auto (FiveM)
First, I (@Legend) have agreed to support @Oblixion directly by stepping in as Co-Community Manager of Grand Theft Auto. With a team pumped with new blood in it's ranks, the support of our new Leaders is critical. I will focus primarily on personnel, assisting Afroman as Senior Manager and organizing the efforts of our Managers. Oblixion will be responsible for the overall strategy and direction, organizing the plan on how we address server activity.

To be blunt - server activity has been nearly nonexistent. This has been recognized by all ranks of our GTA Leadership & Community Management team. In the last few weeks, the server has experienced difficult times due to the lack of server identity and inconsistent development releases. To elaborate, when you make high promises and are unable to deliver on those promises it results in disappointed players. We (the Grand Theft Auto Leadership and Community Management teams) recognize this and are committed to providing better.

After conversation with the Leaders, a path forward has been defined. The whitelist will be removed in the future and the server will return to a public state. The move to open a primary stream of new players by removing the whitelist is necessary at this stage to rebuild. That is not all we have planned however. We ask for everyone's patience as we work to relaunch the server in a much better state that it currently is. Ultimately, our team wants to deliver on some of those promises we missed - much needed bug fixes, highly desired server functions such as guns, drugs, business improvements and other cosmetic items like clothing. In addition to that, a clear identity and standards for the server needs to be created and upheld. Many players are seeking a serious roleplay environment focused on transactional interactions that contribute to greater story and struggle. It's our commitment to define that by reviewing and rewriting our server rules and upholding high standards for roleplay in the server. Simply, we wont allow sub-par behavior, selfish or trolling interactions and roleplay that just doesn't make sense for all parties benefit. The standards will be high and those who play will be expected to live up to them in the server at all times. This may be a difficult shift for many individuals who have played within our FiveM server in the past few years. However, we see it as a necessary culture change that will bring sustained success.

To recap some of the work above, as well as tease what's to come, here's a short list of our projected plan ahead.
  1. Open the server publicly and remove whitelist.
  2. Existing whitelist members will maintain their role as it will be renamed to "Trusted." There will be more details on this in the future.
  3. Relaunch the server under a new unique name other than EdgeGamers RP.
  4. Rebrand and rebuild the Discord server with our new name and outfit it with new logos.
  5. Develop a new rule set focused on high quality transactional serious roleplay.
  6. Deliver on highly desired development items such as guns, drugs, businesses and cosmetics.
  7. Squash all of the bugs.
There is a lot in the work and it is going to take time. We're committed to getting it right, no matter the length of time it takes.

Disrespect & Toxic Behavior
As indicated above, another post will be made in the coming days with another important update. This update is around the concept of Disrespect and Toxic Behavior and where we are at with current state of these items in the community today. Keep your eyes on the homepage in the coming days as we pull this post together and get it out to you.

March 2022 Community Management Update https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/378095/
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cool for gta ig but its gonna take some time to rebuild the playerbase

sad for D2, rlly was a good discord and is the only thing that ever made me want to do raids and find out about new DLC etc :(
there's always opportunity to branch out more friend : )
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Happy for Jay but how can you all not support a game that has a continued growing player base where members want to help yet are denied promotions.
What's that saying? The more things change the more they stay the same?