Scrim match! A tie


Well, started off with eg leading by 4, then e made a strong comback with 5, then eg tied again....And tied again to 6. Lots lots of action, blowing things up, zerg rushing, etc. Good game all around, thanks to everyone who participated it made it such a great match :)
wow that was sooo much fun, eG's jumpd out wit a 4-0 lead but we kreptd and had a 5-4 lead with less than 5 mins left and the eG's fellaz and good luck vs eGO's 2morrow:D
omg it was intense had not my comp disconnected we might have possibly with the littlest of hopes won...
gg too all
go eGO's
that was a really good game..... ubelieveable

I agree. Haven't had this much fun playing, well, anything in quite some time.
wish more people showed up tho we played 9/13(14) for 40 mins...
then 10/13 so...
hope tomorrow night won't be like this...
Good game to the e's. Great effort!

Question for the eGO's: can we sort out the rules for 'equal' teams? I'm sure we can all tolerate 1 or 2 man advantages, but going for stretches at a time of 10-14/15 is a bit aggravating. Especially in light of the fact that previous scrims allowed mingling of the classes to even the teams. I'm not advocating for any particular way--just that we have a consistent plan.

Sorry fellow eg's...found out about the scrim by chance..was late....and stunk up the map. Good game to lethal, daM, our mgs, and whoever was sitting on top of the last flag with me during the final blitz.
That was sick.... Some of the most hectic moments evar when we were down to one flag and time was runnin' low......

GG guys.

Edit: I was in for the first round or 2, but then had to leave, and jumped back on with like 20 minutes to go. Great feelin'.