SLOTHS Personal Signatures / Avi's / banners'


The Original and Only Sloth

You may be wondering to your self right now...…

[You] : Sloths didn't you do one of these in the past?
[Sloths] : Why yes, Yes I did.
[You] : And I know I asked for one but never got one what happened?

Well Young one, things happen and that's why today I have brought them back but with a TWIST.

Today and only Today, The one and only SLOTHS has come to offer a once in a lifetime offer of Free signatures [( 2 left )] with a added charge for personal AVI's and banners for other social medias of choice.

Unlike what I did in the past, Not only is the option up for signatures but the ability to request for personal art but a small charge is on the table to help pay a Dear sloths Tree Farm

Now how does this work Sloths?
Well Here are the prices you may be asking for.

Signatures: FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!!! { 2 left }

Personal AVI : $ 5
* Upon Request please state the social media for the dimensions of the AVI to be made to. *

Personal Banner : $ 10
* Upon Request please state the social media for the dimensions of the banner to be made to *

- When asking for any service before submitting, state whether or not if it asks, what you would like for the SIG or whatever the service is to be and for if dimensions to be made to. -

Now what are you waiting for? You've listened to what I have to Offer now get one today before the line starts filling up.

Oh I get it you need evidence of what I can do before purchasing well..... Here you go

Boy Pheonix Banner.jpg
Exvious Banner.png
Choorda Banner.jpg
Karma Avi.jpg
Abandon city valentines.jpg

Now what are you doing down here? Get back up there and order something before the line Fills up you chump.


When purchasing for personal usage on socials or whatever you use with it, Contact me here :

Personal information

Discord : Sloth#8151

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I'd like a signature!!
Dimensions: I leave it up to you, similar to the sizes of my other sigs.

I'd like something similar to my profile picture maybe? I like the colors of it a lot, so if those could be used it would be pretty awesome. But the main color of my name i'd like a similar pink to the one that is the circle around the flower. Outside of that, I like hellokitty and anything kawaii.


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Wow, it really has been a while, last time I was just an eG. Don't need a new one, the one you made before is still holding strong. I'm just here to see what new ones you make for other people :)

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The Original and Only Sloth
Art is in delay until i Get my pc Back up and running, currently trying to resolve issues with parts not working.


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I hear there's two left, I'd love one! Pick a hex code to use as either accent or as primary:
Scarox93 is the name... just some cool font thing I guess, you could throw in smth Pyro related but not necessary :D

Idk if this is still an option btw and I'm not bothered if you can't fulfill it, just thought I'd ask because these look so sick


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If there's still one left, I'd like one , if not then that's okay but if there is then id want like a blueish tint to it and just my name soupp with like glitch effects kinda ig ? idk whatever u can do with that information