CS:GO Jailbreak Mapping Contest 2022


CS:GO Jailbreak Mapping Contest 2022

A group of Counter Strike communities have once again come together this year to sponsor the 2022 Jailbreak Mapping Contest!
Your task is to create a new Jailbreak map for CS:GO. This year's theme is centered around any holiday or season.


-The quality and quantity of activities on the map will be an important part of judging. This includes but is not limited to map, games, secrets and vents.
-The map layout and design is another notable part of judging. Bonus points will be given to maps that follow a seasonal or holiday theme.
-We will also value the originality of the map, both in visuals and gameplay.
-The gameplay should be interesting for both teams. The map shouldn’t be heavily T or CT sided.

For rules and further information please go to the GameBanana post by clicking here.

Writer: @Jacko | Art: @DeerFat | Editor: @Jynx

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If you know any CS:S or CS:GO community that may be interested in supporting the contest have them visit the official contest page for more details.

Good luck to the mappers participating! I'm excited to see what new maps will come from this contest. We will be hosting map testing days in the future to allow mappers to hammer out any bugs/issues that they might encounter.